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Haifa Cinematheque at the Haifa Auditorium

Haifa Cinematheque is a Cinematheque that is located at the Auditorium of Haifa in the Carmel Center. Every year a quarter of a million visitors watch the various performances.


Haifa Cinematheque was established by Lia Van Leer in the early 1950s together with her husband Wim. Initially the Van Leers held cinema evenings in their home and then opened the Film Club at Rothschild House (now Beit Hecht) on the Carmel.[1]

The Cinematheque works on education, promotion, cultivation and exposure of the art of the Cinema and offers a daily program including repertory, education a book series and Lectures in cinema. Cinematheque typically screens over 40 different films each month. It hosts two movie theaters. Cinematheque offers audiences screens classic, restored films, retrospectives, new movies and special programs..

Cinematheque often features Israeli Cinema, including features, documentaries and student films. Cinematheque also hosts the Haifa International Film Festival, which takes place every year during Sukkot.

During 2010 a new building was built for the Cinematheque near the lev Ha'mifratz shopping mall.

Coordinates: 32°48′12″N 34°59′07″E / 32.80336°N 34.98518°E / 32.80336; 34.98518

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