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The Haifa Museum of Art (Hebrew: מוזיאון חיפה לאמנות‎‎) (Arabic: متحف حيفا للفنون‎‎), established in 1951, is located in a historic building built in the 1930s in Wadi Nisnas, Downtown Haifa. The museum focuses on Israeli and international contemporary art, and its collection includes 7,000 items, mostly of contemporary Israeli art.

Other institutions under the auspices of the Haifa Museums iunclude the Mané Catz Museum dedicated to paintings from the School of Paris and Jewish artifacts; and the City Museum of Haifan History, located in the Germany Colony.

Also under the Museum's aegis are the Museum of Prehistory, the Israeli National Maritime Museum and the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art.

The Museum of Ancient Art, housed in the university of Haifa, which specializes in archeological finds discovered in Israel and the Mediterranean basin, was inaugurated in 1984.

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