Haifa bus 16 suicide bombing

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Haifa bus 16 suicide bombing
Part of the Second Intifada militancy campaign
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The attack site
Location Israel
Date 2 December 2001
Attack type
suicide bombing
Deaths 15 civilians (+ 1 bomber)
Non-fatal injuries
40 civilians
Perpetrators Hamas claimed responsibility

The Haifa bus 16 suicide bombing was a suicide bombing which occurred on 2 December 2001 on an Egged bus in Haifa. 15 people were killed in the attack and 40 people were injured.

The Palestinian Islamist militant organization Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attack[edit]

During the afternoon of Sunday, 2 December 2001, the perpetrator calmly boarded Haifa bus No. 16, which was en route from Neve Sha'anan to the Giborim bridge. The perpetrator paid the bus fare and a few seconds later detonated the explosive device concealed underneath his clothes. The attack, which occurred in a busy intersection in the Tel Amal neighbourhood in Haifa killed 15 people and injured 40 more, 17 of them critically.


The perpetrators[edit]

Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack. A leaflet published by the Hamas announced that the suicide bomber was Maher Habashi, a 21-year-old Palestinian plumber from Nablus.


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