Haklau Min

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Hai Lok Hong
RegionMainly in Shanwei, eastern Guangdong province.
Native speakers
2.65 million (2021)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
ISO 639-6hife
Linguasphere79-AAA-jik (Haifeng)
79-AAA-jij (Lufeng)
  Haifeng dialect (inside Teochew)
Haklau Min
Traditional Chinese海豐話
Simplified Chinese海丰话

Hailufeng (海陸丰 Hai Lok Hong), or in the language itself Haklau, is a variety of Chinese mostly spoken in Shanwei (Swabue), Haifeng County (Hai Hong), and Lufeng (Lok Hong) in Guangdong. (The name 'Hailufeng' is a portmanteau of those places.) It is a Southern Min (Min Nan) language, though it has close geographical and cultural ties with Teochew dialect[2][3] and similarities to Hokkien. Ethnically, the Haklau see themselves as Hokkiens and separate from the Teochews.

Differences from Teochew include the preservation of the final codas -t and -n, which are completely lost in Teochew, as well as the absence of the -oi finals.


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