Haifeng dialect

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Haifeng dialect
RegionMainly in Shanwei, eastern Guangdong province.
Native speakers
Language codes
ISO 639-3
ISO 639-6hife
Linguasphere79-AAA-jik (Haifeng)
79-AAA-jij (Lufeng)
  Haifeng dialect (inside Teochew)
Haifeng dialect
Traditional Chinese海豐話
Simplified Chinese海丰话

Haifeng dialect, Lufeng dialect or Hailufeng dialect is a variety of Chinese mostly spoken in Shanwei, Haifeng County, and Lufeng, Guangdong. It classified as a variety of Southern Min (Min Nan) and it is also alleged by some to supposedly be a variety of Teochew dialect due to its close geographical and political ties,[1][2] even though it is much more similar to the Hokkien language instead and Hailufeng Min Nan speakers see themselves as Hokkiens and separate from the Teochews. Since many of the pronunciations of Chinese characters, vocabulary, accent and slangs in Haifeng dialect are different from those in Teochew dialect because of different rimes in both dialects, Haifeng is considered to be independent of Teochew.

Such differences include the preservation of the final codas -t and -n in the Haifengese Hokkien which are completely lost in Teochew, as well as the absence of the -oi finals.


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