Haikou Bay

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Haikou Bay
Haikou Bay - 01.jpg
Location Hainan Province, China
Coordinates 20°03′17″N 110°16′13″E / 20.054704°N 110.270271°E / 20.054704; 110.270271Coordinates: 20°03′17″N 110°16′13″E / 20.054704°N 110.270271°E / 20.054704; 110.270271
River sources Haidian River
Ocean/sea sources Qiongzhou Strait
Max. width 5 km (3.1 mi)
Frozen no
Settlements Haikou

Haikou Bay is a bay on the northern coast of Hainan Province, China, in the Qiongzhou Strait. It is named for Haikou City, which is situated on the coast.[1] [2]

The bay spans approximately 5 km from its eastern boundary at the northwestern tip of Haidian Island to its western boundary at the northern tip of Haikou Xiuying Port.


Within the bay are the following:

The waters, from the mouth of the Haidian River, to the Qiongzhou Strait are deep enough for large ship traffic. Much of the rest of the bay, within a few kilometres of the shore, are very shallow, and at low tide, reveal land. Fishermen can be seen at this time walking out into the bay to collect shellfish.

Land reclamation[edit]

Part of the western edge of Haidian Island is being extended in a major land reclamation project. Also, several new areas of land off the coast of Haikou are being created, including the Nanhai Pearl Artificial Island.


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