Haikou Century Bridge

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Haikou Century Bridge
Haikou Century Bridge viewed from Haidian Island - 01.jpg
A view from the southwest shore of Haidian Island at the mouth of the Nandu River
Coordinates20°03′6.5″N 110°18′56″E / 20.051806°N 110.31556°E / 20.051806; 110.31556Coordinates: 20°03′6.5″N 110°18′56″E / 20.051806°N 110.31556°E / 20.051806; 110.31556
CrossesNandu River
LocaleHaikou, Hainan
DesignCable-stayed bridge
Total length2,683 metres (8,802 ft)[1]
Width29.8 metres (98 ft)[1]
Longest span395 metres (1,296 ft)[2]
OpenedAugust 1, 2003[3]
Haikou Century Bridge is located in Hainan
Haikou Century Bridge
Haikou Century Bridge
Location in Hainan

Haikou Century Bridge (simplified Chinese: 海口世纪大桥; traditional Chinese: 海口世紀大橋; pinyin: Hǎikǒu Shìjì Dàqiáo) is a cable-stayed bridge in Haikou city, the capital of Hainan province.

The bridge was built to link the main part of Haikou city to Haidian Island, a district separated from Hainan Island by the Haidian River. Haikou Century Bridge crosses at the mouth of the river approximately 50 metres west of Haikou New Port.


Haikou Century Bridge from southwest shore 01.jpg

The project was started in 1998 and was opened to traffic on August 1, 2003.[3]

Haikou Century Bridge is the largest bridge on Hainan Island spanning 2,683 meters in length and 29.8 meters in width. It is available for automotive traffic only.

The cost of the Century Bridge project was approximately 660 million Renminbi (80 million USD). Part of the cost of the bridge was paid by Japanese banking loans, while other parts were paid by Haikou's city budget.[citation needed] The bridge was built by China Wanbao Engineering Corp.