Hailey's On It!

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Hailey's On It!
Created by
  • Devin Bunje[1]
  • Nick Stanton[1]
Voices of
Theme music composer
Opening theme"The Future's in My Hands"
by Auliʻi Cravalho
Ending theme"The Future's in My Hands" (reprise)
  • Matthew Tishler
  • Andrew Underberg
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes19
Executive producers
  • Devin Bunje
  • Nick Stanton
ProducerWade Wisinski
EditorMatt Brailey
Running time22 minutes
Production companies
Animation servicesSaerom Animation
Rough Draft Korea
Original release
NetworkDisney Channel
ReleaseJune 8, 2023 (2023-06-08) –

Hailey's On It! is an American animated science fiction comedy action adventure television series created by Devin Bunje and Nick Stanton.[3] It is produced by Disney Television Animation.[1][4][5] The series premiered on June 8, 2023, on Disney Channel.[6]


The series, set in Oceanside, California, follows Hailey Banks, a 14-year-old girl who dislikes taking risks. Her life gets turned upside down during her New Year's celebration when she is visited by a scientist who hails from the future. From the scientist's visit, Hailey learns that the completion of a long list of tasks she wrote will be the important start of a chain of events that will lead to her inventing a device that will be used to save the entire planet by reversing global warming.[7][8] Now, Hailey must overcome her fears, complete impossible and impractical tasks, and face her feelings toward Scott, her best friend.[8] However, some of her accomplishments will be threatened by Chaos Bots, small robots from the future sent by a mysterious villain who wants to prevent her from finishing her list and saving the world.



  • Hailey Banks (voiced by Auliʻi Cravalho[9]) is a 14-year-old Hawaiian girl who dislikes taking risks and now has to overcome her insecurities and fears in order to save the world. She has a crush on Scott, her best friend, though he is completely oblivious to this and only sees her as a close friend. In the episode "U.F. Whoa!", it is revealed she invents the clean energy element that powers the Chaos Bots.
  • Scott Denoga (voiced by Manny Jacinto[10]) is a 14-year-old Filipino Korean[11][12] boy and Hailey's best friend whom she has to kiss in order to prevent the end of the world, but chooses to do it last on her list as it could possibly ruin their friendship.
  • Beta (voiced by Gary Anthony Williams[13]) is an AI operating system from the future who lists out Hailey's accomplishments. He has a contentious relationship with Scott.


  • Kai Banks (voiced by Cooper Andrews[14]) is Hailey's Hawaiian father.
  • Patricia Banks (née Phlorange) (voiced by Julie Bowen[15]) is Hailey's Caucasian mother. She is a realtor, but was once a breakdancer in music videos.
  • A.C. Aychvak (voiced by Josh Brener[16]) is Hailey's rival, although the rivalry is one-sided. He is spoiled, and willing to cheat in order to win, sometimes with the aid of small robots. His catchphrase is "What the beans?"
  • The Professor (voiced by Sarah Chalke[17]) is a scientist from the future with high energy.
  • Thad (voiced by Nik Dodani[18]) is one of Hailey's classmates and in a relationship with Jonathan.
  • Becker Denoga (voiced by Judy Alice Lee[19]) is Scott's mischievous and destructive younger sister. She initially develops a crush on Hailey, but is able to move on from it when Hailey doesn't reciprocate any feelings for her, and later begins a relationship with her former school rival, Kennedy (voiced by Shara Kirby).
    • Bonesaw, Buzzsaw, Chainsaw, and Paul are Becker's friends
  • Kristine Sanchez (voiced by Amanda Leighton[20]) is a popular girl who, despite being somewhat self-absorbed, is very cheerful and friendly to everyone, and attends the same school as Hailey and Scott. She is a fashionista who specializes in hats. While Hailey has been shown to dislike Kristine's overly cheerful personality, she does start to open up to her in the episode "Road Trippin'". In "The Beginning of the Friend", Kristine begins to date Scott. However, she later breaks up with him in the episode "U.F. Whoa!".
  • Sunny Denoga (voiced by Joy Osmanski[21]) is Scott's mother.
  • Jonathan (voiced by Nico Santos[22]) is one of Hailey's classmates and in a relationship with Thad.
  • Dwayne and Johnson Banks are Hailey's twin baby brothers. Their names are a reference to Dwayne Johnson, who co-starred with Hailey's voice actress Auliʻi Cravalho in the Disney film Moana.
  • Frank (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) is the Banks' pet flamingo. He is in a relationship with Scott's pet peacock Petey.
  • Bill Board (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) is a local businessman who appears in several episodes. He runs a company that puts up billboards, appropriately to his name, and has also acquired a number of other local companies (often in bets or games with other businesspeople).



No.Title [24][25][26]Directed byWritten byStoryboard byOriginal air date [24][25][26]Prod.
code [24][26]
U.S. viewers
1"The Beginning of the Friend"Howy ParkinsDevin Bunje & Nick StantonTroy Adomitis, Kurt Dumas, Cat Harman-Mitchell, Casey Keith-Kolodin & Steven UmblebyJune 8, 2023 (2023-06-08)1010.14[27]
Hailey Banks is a resourceful teenager who dislikes taking risks, but this changes when a crazed professor from the future tells her that she has to complete all the items in her to-do list journal in order to save the world. She is aided by her best friend and secret crush, Scott Denoga; and a talking phone named Beta. Hailey's newest list item is to ride all of the rides at the country fair, including the Zero Gravitron, the scariest ride at the fair. During the ride, a group of Chaos Bots, who are trying to stop Hailey from completing her list, cause the Zero Gravitron to malfunction, but Hailey is able to stop the ride and save the day. Afterwards, Kristine Sanchez, the most popular girl at Hailey's school starts dating Scott, much to her chagrin, as one of the items on her list is to kiss Scott.
2"Beta'd and Hooked"Leslie ParkLindsey ReckisLauren McKinley & Jim ShellhornJune 8, 2023 (2023-06-08)1030.10[27]
"The Wild, Wild Mess"Cat Harman-MitchellYolie CortezRyan Agustin, Tom Caulfield, Ben Holm & Jim Shellhorn

"Beta'd and Hooked": On the day of the Fish Taco Festival, Hailey, Scott, and Beta set out to catch a blue Ono fish called One Eyed Jack, who had presumably attacked Hailey's father once, in order to win the contest and complete another item on Hailey's list. While fishing on Hailey's Uncle Chunk's boat, Beta ends up falling off the boat, but is rescued by Jack, who turns out to be a very nice fish (Hailey's father had misunderstood and the fish was simply rescuing him). Hailey and Scott use fish sticks for their taco instead, which wins first prize, although by default, as the judge didn't eat any of the other tacos.

"The Wild, Wild Mess": At a reenactment of a western town, Hailey participates in a competition to become Sheriff for a Day and (thanks to being several years older than the other entrants) wins very easily, completing another item on her list. However, a dirt bike gang comes to wreak havoc around the town thanks to several videos that Scott had posted while riding his bike. Hailey decides to take on the leader, Road Rash, in a "bike-off", with the help of Betsy, a horse who was rejected by her previous owner in favor of a dirt bike, and they end up winning. Hailey then passes off her sheriff badge to a young girl who admired her heroism.
3"The Last Sand"Cat Harman-MitchellMarty DonovanCat Harman-Mitchell, Anthony Imperato & Jim ShellhornJune 17, 2023 (2023-06-17)[a]1020.12[29]
"The Show Must Go Wrong"Leslie ParkKevin YeeBrad Goodchild, Casey Keith-Kolodin, Lauren McKinley & Leslie Park

"The Last Sand": Hailey and her father enter a sand castle building competition, giving her an opportunity to complete an item on her list by winning it. However, Hailey's self-proclaimed rival A.C. Aychvak has also entered the contest. He uses an army of small robots to help him build his castle, while Hailey recruits crabs to help build her own. Eventually, A.C. reveals a giant fan to blow away her castle, but Beta brings a squadron of pelicans to dump water on A.C.'s. However, this results in everyone's castles being ruined. Fortunately, Hailey's father has the only castle left standing thanks to his "triple-packing" technique, which, despite being very time-consuming, makes the castle very sturdy, resulting in Hailey and her father winning by default.

"The Show Must Go Wrong": Kristine is putting on a school musical she wrote called "Hats", which is an opportunity for Hailey to complete another item on her list by taking part in a musical. She is initially nervous, but with help, she manages to overcome her fears and gets a non-speaking role as a hat rack. Scott is also involved in the musical as Kristine's duet partner. However, during the performance, Kristine is blinded by a spotlight and falls off a platform, injuring herself and being unable to continue. Scott attempts to perform the duet himself, but fails miserably. Watching from the sidelines, Hailey works up the courage to join him and they end up performing the duet flawlessly, making the show a success.
4"Cubix Dudes"Leslie ParkKaren GraciBrad Goodchild, Casey Keith-Kolodin & Jim ShellhornJune 17, 2023 (2023-06-17)[a]1060.10[29]
"Cos-played"Cat Harman-MitchellLindsey ReckisInbal Breda & Brad Goodchild

"Cubix Dudes": During a show by the performance artists "Cubix Dudes", Hailey and Scott discuss the former's next list item: taking a photo of herself with the strawberry moon owl. However, one of the Cubix Dudes injures his wrist and the group recruits Scott, who turns out to have a talent for solving Rubik's cubes, to take his place. As a result, he is too busy to help Hailey with preparations for the owl, and after an argument, he goes off alone to join the Cubix Dudes on stage. However, a conversation with her father makes Hailey realize that it's important to support Scott as well, and she goes to watch his performance. In addition, a photo taken of Hailey and Scott afterwards ends up including the owl as well, thus completing the list item after all.

"Cos-played": After Hailey completes her 50th list item, the Professor (in a holographic recording) tells her about a mysterious orb in her closet. Hailey uses the orb to complete her cosplay for a convention that Chan Yee, the creator of her favorite comic book series, will be attending (getting her autograph is another one of Hailey's list items). However, while waiting in line, a group of bullies trick her, Scott, and Beta into giving up their spots. Hailey's attempts to fight back just result in the lead bully breaking her orb. It turns out the orb was for contacting the Professor, who heard the commotion and shows up with cosplay-dressed allies who scare the bullies away, allowing Hailey and the gang to get back in line and get the autograph.
5"Road Trippin'"Leslie ParkDevin Bunje & Nick StantonCasey Keith-Kolodin, Leslie Park & Jim ShellhornJune 24, 2023 (2023-06-24)[a]1050.15[30]
"Escape Doom"Cat Harman-MitchellMarty DonovanRyan Agustin & Anthony Imperato

"Road Trippin'": Hailey's latest list item is to go on a shopping spree by using all the gift cards she had ever been given. She and Scott manage to spend all her cards, except for a $10 gift card to a burger joint called Butter Burger, which closed down due to health code violations. Fortunately, Beta finds one last Butter Burger restaurant open in Arizona, and Hailey and Scott take a bus there with Kristine joining them (as Scott had invited her to come, since it's their "45 day anniversary" of dating). Throughout the trip, Kristine feels uncomfortable and left out, and ultimately breaks down when she loses her favorite hat in the restaurant's ball pit. Kristine confesses to Hailey that she feels jealous of the close friendship the latter has with Scott, while Hailey admits that she was afraid of losing Scott's friendship. The two girls eventually become friends.

"Escape Doom": Hailey, Scott, and Kristine go to an escape room in order to complete another item on Hailey's list. They are unexpectedly joined by A.C., who wants to prove how much smarter he is than Hailey by leading the group. In the first room, A.C. manages to solve all the puzzles with ease, but in the second room, he is completely useless, and he is forced to admit that he cheated by memorizing a tutorial for the first room. Shortly after, a group of Chaos Bots arrive and rig the escape room, causing the walls to close in on the gang and crush them. Hailey is forced to overcome her fear of leading and assigns everyone (including A.C.) a task that will help them escape. They manage to succeed, although A.C. ends up taking credit for saving everyone.
6"The Flamingo Must Flamin-Go"Cat Harman-MitchellKevin YeeAnthony Imperato & Jim ShellhornJune 24, 2023 (2023-06-24)[a]1070.16[30]
"Splatter of the Bands"Leslie ParkWritten by : Kevin Yee
Story by : Alison Wong & Kevin Yee
Ben Holm & Kaden Westbrook

"The Flamingo Must Flamin-Go": Hailey decides to go to the local animal shelter to adopt a pet, since that is another item on her list to complete, even though her mother, Patricia, does not allow her to adopt pets due to a childhood incident. At the animal shelter, Hailey finds that the only animal is a smelly, old flamingo named Frank, who goes crazy when he notices shrimp. After Hailey fails to train Frank in order to convince Patricia to let him stay, the flamingo escapes and is exposed to Hailey's family. As Patricia and Hailey are about to take Frank back, the former gets a call from her clients, who are selling their house. After Frank makes a mess of the sellers' house because they have a shrimp tray, the sellers begin to insult Patricia, who in turn tells them off and allows Hailey to keep Frank.

"Splatter of the Bands": Hailey wants to enter the "Splatter of the Bands", which is a contest where people throw tomatoes at a singer if they make mistakes. Performing at the Splatter of the Bands will complete another item on Hailey's list, if she doesn't get splattered. She gets news that her father and his friends are entering the contest as well, and joins them. They are planning to sing a sea shanty for the contest. However, they also want to be splattered with tomatoes, much to Hailey's chagrin and confusion. While they are rehearsing, Hailey meets a European band, and they invite her to perform a song with them, since she has a great singing voice, and Hailey accepts the offer. However, the duo complains about even the slightest of mistakes, and Hailey regrets her decision. On the day of the contest, Hailey's father starts singing with his friends, and Hailey decides to rejoin them. At the end, no one throws tomatoes at them, completing the item on Hailey's list. However, upon seeing that completing the list item came at the expense of the happiness of her father and his friends, Hailey starts singing another song with them and gets splattered. Afterwards, the European band starts singing, but get splattered almost immediately.
7"Bringing Home the Beacon"Cat Harman-MitchellKaren GraciRyan Agustin & Anthony ImperatoJuly 1, 2023 (2023-07-01)108N/A
"Dance Like No Mom is Watching"Leslie ParkLindsey ReckisRyan Agustin & Kaden Westbrook

"Bringing Home the Beacon": Patricia owns a disused lighthouse inherited from her and Hailey's ancestor that has a history of the ancestor building it and mistakenly mounting the light pointing the wrong way, flooding the town with light and making him a laughing stock to the shame of his family. Hailey decides to try to fix the lighthouse to complete a list item that involves her fixing something for her mother. However, Patricia is already trying to sell the lighthouse to a businessman who plans to tear it down. Hailey and her friends make a project of renovating the lighthouse and seem to succeed, but it ultimately goes wrong and produces light resembling a disco ball; however, this makes the site attractive as an event venue and Patricia decides not to sell it.

"Dance Like No Mom is Watching": With Beta taking time off to install an upgrade, Hailey decides to choose and complete a list item on her own, picking one to achieve the high score at a dance video game. After lots of effort, she finally manages to complete the final level and get a score above the previous high, in the process finding out that her mother has a secret history of dancing in music videos years earlier, and her moves help Hailey learn how to beat the game. However, when Beta returns from his upgrade, he informs Hailey that she, in fact, had already achieved the high score on the game (the previous high she beat was her own), but didn't remember it due to a brain freeze from eating a cold dessert.
8"Kristine-ceañera"Leslie ParkYolie CortezRyan Agustin, Brad Goodchild & Casey Keith-KolodinJuly 1, 2023 (2023-07-01)109N/A
"The Puffle Kerfuffle"Marty DonovanBrad Goodchild, Lauren McKinley & Jim Shellhorn

"Kristine-ceañera": Kristine is celebrating her quinceañera, but she is annoyed at her father's interference, changing the ceremony in ways that suit the way he wants it rather than what she wants. In particular, he wants her to dance with Javier, somebody he finds a more suitable match for her than Scott. Javier and Scott end up in a hot sauce eating contest for the right to dance with Kristine, something that Kristine herself dislikes as she's turned off by this sort of macho display. While both guys get to the hottest sauce in the array, Javier ultimately wins, but Kristine then takes control by eating the legendarily hot Black Scorpion chili pepper whole, and then dances with Scott. Kristine's father apologizes for being so controlling.

"The Puffle Kerfuffle": One of Hailey's list items is to attend a taping of the Puffles show, featuring singer/dancer/TV host duo Kylie and Thacher, who proclaimed themselves as best friends in their act. However, it turns out the show went off the air five years earlier, and when Hailey goes to the TV station to ask why, she finds out that the station owner would actually like to continue to air the popular show, but the hosts called it quits after their friendship broke up over a kiss. This hits Hailey personally, as she fears the same might happen to her and Scott's friendship should she complete the kiss item on her list. She then schemes to get them back together for a reunion show, with them ultimately performing together one more time, after which she finds out that the two were never actually best friends; Thacher's childhood friend was Bailey, whom he ultimately married. Bailey turns out to be uncannily similar to Hailey in terms of interests, making Hailey more confident about her relationship with Scott.
9"Flippin' Out"Leslie ParkKevin YeeInbal Breda, Brad Goodchild, Jim Shellhorn & Kaden WestbrookJuly 8, 2023 (2023-07-08)110N/A
"Smells Like Queen Spirit"Yolie Cortez & Lindsey ReckisBen Holm & Kaden Westbrook

"Flippin' Out": To distract from the failure to catch a Chaos Bot, Beta suggests that Hailey get a varsity letter to complete another item on her list and to improve her physical skills. She chooses cheerleading because she thinks it will be easy, but after meeting with Kristine and the rest of the squad, she discovers that it is much more difficult than she could possibly imagine. After clumsy cheerleader Lucy is taken out of commission, Hailey is forced to replace her. She soon takes cheerleading seriously when Bored Murray, a notoriously uninterested student, arrives to watch their final game. Using the "flying swordfish" technique, Hailey manages to impress Murray and get her varsity letter. Afterwards, she uses her new skills to successfully catch a Chaos Bot.

"Smells Like Queen Spirit": Hailey, Scott and Beta dissect the Chaos Bot and pull out its message box where they learn that another Chaos Bot has infiltrated the school. Meanwhile, Hailey is running for Crab Queen as winning the title will complete another item on her list. However, she soon finds herself forced to compete with a new student, the robotic behaving Joanne Droid, for the position. Hailey and Scott are convinced that Joanne is the Chaos Bot and try to out her, but realize that she is simply an "eccentric Canadian" and face the real Chaos Bot: a giant crab. With Joanne's help, Hailey and Scott manage to defeat the Chaos Bot.
10"Catching Felines"Cat Harman-MitchellAlison WongBrad GoodchildJuly 8, 2023 (2023-07-08)104N/A
"It's All Gonna Be OK-Pop"James AlexanderInbal Breda, Brad Goodchild & Jim Shellhorn

"Catching Felines": Hailey's next list item is to make a female friend, something that surprises Scott. Despite his warnings, Hailey decides to become friends with his younger sister Becker, who is a rambunctious troublemaker. The two of them manage to get along fine and when Hailey mentions that she and Scott are planning to buy some Wild Katz, a brand of sneakers, Becker promises that she can get them for her. The next day, Hailey wakes up to discover two wild pumas in her front yard. Convinced that Becker misinterpreted her request, she and Scott try to return them to the wildlife sanctuary, only to get a call from Becker who reveals that she did get the shoes like she promised. The pumas get loose and chase Hailey and Scott, but they are rescued by Becker, who is offended that Hailey thought the worst about her. Hailey apologizes and admits that she would like to hang out with her again. As Hailey and Scott leave, Becker is convinced that Hailey is into her.

"It's All Gonna Be OK-Pop": Hailey and Scott manage to win tickets to see the K-pop boy band Seoul M8S, with the former's next list item being to get noticed by band member Cute Jun. However, their plans are soon put to a halt when Hailey's parents remind her that she promised to babysit her younger brothers Dwayne and Johnson. After they leave, Hailey and Scott decide to simply take Dwayne and Johnson to the concert with them. While there, Hailey sees her mother at the concert as well and tries to avoid her. She and Scott succeed at getting Cute Jun to notice them and, with Dwayne and Johnson, dance on stage with them. Patricia catches them, but Hailey points out her hypocrisy, and they agree to not tell Kai anything when they get home.

Note: Both episodes chronologically take place before "The Show Must Go Wrong" and "Dance Like No Mom is Watching", respectively.
11"U.F. Whoa!"Howy ParkinsWritten by : Devin Bunje & Nick Stanton
Story by : Devin Bunje, Yolie Cortez, Nick Stanton & Kevin Yee
Troy Adomitis, Brad Goodchild, Anthony Imperato & Lauren McKinleyJuly 15, 2023 (2023-07-15)111N/A
A chaos bot is spotted by the people of Oceanside, who are all now convinced that an extraterrestrial is in town. Meanwhile, Kristine tries to get on the reality show Hat House while also sending messages to Scott who appears ignorant to her intent. Hailey, Scott, and Beta manage to lure the Chaos Bot to them, as well as destroy it. However, in the process, Beta is captured by N.O.P.E. (the National Organization of Paranormal Extraterrestrials). The Professor gives Hailey a new AI named Omega, but Hailey wants Beta back and Omega agrees to help her. Hailey and Scott break into N.O.P.E. headquarters where they also find the Chaos Bot remains. Its battery reveals an insignia that Hailey had previously made up, making her question if she created the Chaos Bots. Hailey and Scott manage to rescue Beta and escape. Later, the Professor reveals that the insignia is for an energy element that Hailey invents in the future, and that whoever is building the Chaos Bots is using it to power them. After the Professor leaves, Scott reveals that not only has Kristine gotten onto Hat House, but she has also broken up with him, making the kiss item on Hailey's list more likely to be completed.
12"Seas the Day"Cat Harman-MitchellJames Alexander & Marty DonovanRyan Agustin, Inbal Breda & Nicole FridrichJuly 22, 2023 (2023-07-22)1120.14[31]
"Kissed Opportunities"Mary GulinoRyan Agustin, Nicole Fridrich & Brad Goodchild

"Seas the Day": Scott is depressed over Kristine breaking up with him, so Hailey decides to cheer him up by taking him to Catalina Island, with Beta suggesting that they eat at a restaurant so that she can be open with her feelings. Hailey initially fails to cheer Scott up, but after a near death experience, he returns to his usual happy self and they go to eat at the restaurant. While there, Hailey gets a call from Kristine, who reveals that despite breaking up with Scott, she does not want anyone to date him, resulting in Hailey ruining the moment she was going to use to open up to Scott and getting kicked out of the restaurant. Scott thanks Hailey for the day, although now she is feeling sad.

"Kissed Opportunities": Hailey tries to throw a cool party to complete another list item. However, the only people who show up are A.C. (who wasn't invited), Becker (who quickly leaves), Thad, Jonathan, Lucy, and Murray. Genesis, a popular girl that Hailey managed to invite, shows up and has everyone play Kissing Kards, which Hailey decides to use as an excuse to kiss Scott in a platonic way. The game results in everyone doing or admitting to something embarrassing. Hailey finally gets the kiss card for Scott, but realizes that the kiss would be disingenuous and forfeits, admitting that she hates the game. Genesis admits that she too didn't like it and everyone decides to party how Hailey intended with even Becker returning.
13"Sight for Dinosaur Eyes"Leslie ParkMarty DonovanNicole Fridrich, Anthony Imperato, Casey Keith-Kolodin, Morgan Shandro & Kaden WestbrookJuly 29, 2023 (2023-07-29)113N/A
"Along for the Slide"Cat Harman-MitchellWritten by : James Alexander
Story by : James Alexander & Alison Wong
Nicole Fridrich & Lauren McKinley

"Sight for Dinosaur Eyes": Feeling that most of the list revolves around Hailey, Scott suggests that she do something for him for once as he has his own list full of ridiculous items. Before Hailey can respond, the Professor accidentally leaves behind blueprints for a mysterious device and Hailey becomes distracted by building it. To make up for it, Hailey takes Scott and Beta to Jurassic Journey, a low-budget theme park, which in actuality she is using as an excuse to find the material she needs to complete the device. The device turns out to be a growth ray and she accidentally enlarges an iguana. Beta increases his own size to combat it and Hailey realizes that since she made the device in the future, she also most likely made reverse features and shrinks the iguana and Beta back to their normal sizes. Hailey apologizes for shirking Scott, but he is happy that they completed an item on his list: see a real kaiju fight.

"Along for the Slide": Hailey and Scott ask Beta for something fun and he suggests climbing Mt. Oceanside. Becker just so happens to be going there to try the abandoned alpine slides, but she has secretly gotten over her crush on Hailey and finds it awkward. On the hike, the three are joined by Kennedy, a girl that Becker considers her rival due to her by-the-book behavior. Kennedy ends up being great help to the group, much to Becker's chagrin, but when she tries to sneak away to the slides, Kennedy follows her and they end up on a runaway slide. Kennedy admits that she likes her and Becker finally reciprocates. Afterwards, Becker tells Hailey that they should just remain friends, confusing her as she had no idea that she had a crush on her.
14"Leather Jacket Hailey"Cat Harman-MitchellMary GulinoRyan Agustin, Inbal Breda, Nicole Fridrich, Brad Goodchild, Anthony Imperato & Lauren McKinleyAugust 5, 2023 (2023-08-05)1140.10[31]
"In a Pinch"Leslie ParkKevin YeeNicole Fridrich, Rhya Voskuil & Kaden Westbrook

"Leather Jacket Hailey": Hailey feels that she is being pushed around and taken advantage of and is further incensed when Kristine returns to Oceanside for her show Hat House and has Hailey assist her. Hailey comes across a leather jacket that suddenly makes her more confident and tough. This results in her blowing off her duties, but making everyone else around her take control of their own situations. The rest of the kids assisting Kristine get the wrong idea from Hailey and plant an explosive in one of her hats. Hailey uses the jacket to muffle the explosion before giving a speech to everyone about being open with your feelings. Scott gives modeling a try, though he immediately gets over it, and Hailey openly gets mad at her science project partner.

"In a Pinch": Hailey is tasked with looking after Clawdia, the school's crab mascot, by Ms. Jackson. However, Hailey is distracted by her current task of getting all the coins out of her father's old couch, so she asks Scott to look after her. He accidentally leaves her in a bathtub with hot water and the two believe that she is dead. Seeing as how Clawdia needs to be at a tetherball tournament that evening, Scott uses his marionette skills to make Clawdia look alive. Clawdia eventually does come back to life and Ms. Jackson reveals that Clawdia has a habit of falling unconscious. Hailey uses Clawdia to get the last coin out of the couch just in time for Patricia to sell it, though Kai ends up buying it back.
15"The Fart of War"Leslie ParkMary GulinoBrad Goodchild, Anthony Imperato, Morgan Shandro & Rhya VoskuilAugust 12, 2023 (2023-08-12)1150.10[31]
"Who Let the Dogs Out? (Hailey)"Lindsey ReckisBrad Goodchild & Rhya Voskuil

"The Fart of War": For an app making competition by the Swag Bros, Scott comes up with an app called Fart Blink. A.C. thinks it is ridiculous, but makes it for him, becoming a hit. The two become partners, but A.C. begins to claim the app for himself. The case is taken to a mock trial with Hailey representing Scott and A.C. representing himself. Hailey makes a strong argument while A.C. gives a very weak one. The trial rules in favor of Scott, but all he wanted was a jar of Dingles, much to Hailey's chagrin. In a bit of irony, Scott wins a Golden Dingle while A.C. learns that the Swag Bros do not want to develop his app any further due to their laziness.

"Who Let the Dogs Out? (Hailey)": Hailey becomes convinced that the Dingles company tests their chips on beagles after reading a bag of Auntie Bland's chips stating that they do not test on dogs. She starts to believe information about Dingles on the internet and adds a new item to her list to free the beagles. With Scott's Golden Dingle, they are able to go into the factory and meet Chip Dingle, the happy-go-lucky owner. To Hailey, Scott, and Beta's surprise, they find out that the factory is run by beagles who are financially capable. Chip reveals that he tests the chips while the beagles handle all the money issues. Feeling bad, Hailey decides to let the beagles out and play, which Chip equates to them having vacation time. In the end, it is revealed that Auntie Bland herself wrote the false information about Dingles.
16"Beta's Gonna Hate"Leslie ParkMarty DonovanBrad Goodchild & Casey Keith-KolodinSeptember 29, 2023 (2023-09-29)116N/A
"The A-maize-ing Maze"Cat Harman-MitchellWritten by : Kevin Yee
Story by : Karen Graci & Kevin Yee
Ryan Augustin, Brad Goodchild, Morgan Shandro & Jim Shellhorn

"Beta's Gonna Hate": Patricia brings home a cleaning robot named Alphred, who immediately takes an interest in Beta. Beta, on the other hand, is suspicious of him and believes he is a Chaos Bot in disguise. While Hailey, Scott, and Kai hold an indoor Olympics, Beta starts to suspect that Alphred is stalking him. Eventually, Alphred and Beta battle each other within their coding and Alphred comes to the conclusion that he is, in fact, Beta's father, or rather his great-great-grandfather. Beta is relieved and Alphred is ultimately taken back to the lab, but not before Beta finally gets a sense of belonging.

"The A-maize-ing Maze": Hailey wants to complete a corn maze, as it is one of the items on her list, but is reluctant to bring Scott along as he uses terrible methods to get through. Scott and Becker get distracted and Hailey and Beta traverse the maze alone, only to get lost in a vacant spot with a scarecrow. Hailey and Beta become despondent, with the former recording a message about her feelings for Scott. Eventually, Hailey realizes that they have a method to send a signal and are found by Scott, Becker and farmer Felicia. Scott and Becker reveal that they completed the maze quickly and that it was Hailey, not Scott, who is bad at solving mazes.
17"I Know What You Did Last Slumber"Leslie ParkMary GulinoInbal Breda & Morgan ShandroOctober 14, 2023 (2023-10-14)1170.10[31]
"Lady and the Trampoline"Cat Harman-MitchellKaren GraciRyan Agustin, Nicole Fridrich & Morgan Shandro

"I Know What You Did Last Slumber": Hailey holds a sleepover with Lucy, Becker and Kennedy so that she can complete a list item that has her pulling an all-nighter. Kennedy goes to sleep early while Hailey, Lucy and Becker pull a prank on Scott. They then attempt to craft bomb A.C.'s new jet ski, but it somehow detaches, rolls off a cliff and explodes. The girls become nervous and try to hide their involvement. The authorities blame their friend Tina for the crime, but Hailey comes clean, only for Kennedy to conclude that it was A.C. himself who detached the jet ski causing it to get destroyed. A.C. admits the wrongdoing and is forced to do five hours of beach clean up as punishment.

"Lady and the Trampoline": After mocking Beta, Hailey is tasked with completing the Big Bounce at Trampoline Town. Hailey is afraid to do so because a trio of older kids mocked her when she tried to initially. She manages to face her fear and Scott agrees to distract the teens while she completes the Big Bounce. She is forced to wear a mask when Bill Board adds a camera for everyone to see her try to complete it. Hailey manages to make it to the end of the Big Bounce, where she sweats up a storm, but ultimately manages to complete it. She later learns that the older kids were not mocking her and were actually being helpful and that her self-consciousness caused her to assume the worst about them. Hailey, Scott and their new friends then decide to do the Big Bounce together.
18"Scott's on a Roll"Cat Harman-MitchellMarty DonovanInbal Breda, Nicole Fridrich & Brad GoodchildOctober 21, 2023 (2023-10-21)[b]1180.11[31]
"Bye Bye Birdies"Leslie ParkLindsey ReckisNicole Fridrich & Kaden Westbrook

"Scott's on a Roll": A local restaurant has been offering to name a sandwich after anybody who buys 1,000 sandwiches from them, tracked on a punch card. Scott has had a long-standing wish to get a sandwich named after him, and is close to reaching the goal, but Hailey has a list item calling for her to get a sandwich named after her, and has only one punch on her card. However, they find out that local businessman Bill Board has recently acquired the restaurant, and no longer honors the tradition. Instead, he is running a contest where the last to remain on the roof of the restaurant gets a sandwich named after them. Hailey, Scott, and A.C. are among the contestants, and end up being the final three remaining. In the end, Hailey tricks A.C. into jumping off the roof with her, leaving Scott the winner; Scott then names a sandwich with his and Hailey's names both on it to fulfill Hailey's list item along with Scott's ambition.

"Bye Bye Birdies": To fulfill a list item, Hailey must tell the truth for an entire day. She finds this more difficult than expected, failing at it four days in a row before a time glitch shows her she needs to get it right this time. She manages to avoid even little white lies for most of the day, but then is expected to give a speech praising a businessman who has done many bad things, to get his donation to the cause of saving a bird species. She proceeds to instead roast him, but fortunately he finds it humorous and increases his donation.
19"Frankly Fabulous"Cat Harman-MitchellWritten by : Lindsey Reckis
Story by : Lindsey Reckis & Kevin Yee
Ryan Agustin, Nicole Fridrich, Morgan Shandro & Kaden WestbrookOctober 28, 2023 (2023-10-28)[c]1190.16[31]
"The Pin is Mightier Than the Swole"Leslie ParkYolie Cortez & Mary GulinoBrad Goodchild & Rhya Voskuil

"Frankly Fabulous": Hailey, Scott, and Beta discover that Frank can dance and decide to enter him into a bird show. Frank is reunited with a peacock named Petey who is owned by Frank's original owner Chuck Power, who considers Frank a failure. Hailey decides to prep Frank for the show, but begins to realize that she is turning into Chuck and tells him to be himself. Meanwhile, Scott tries to get a gift for his mom, but Becker keeps telling him that all the gifts he finds, she already has. While Frank does not win, he is still honored for his dance and Petey sides with Hailey, humiliating Chuck. Scott decides to adopt Petey, thus getting a gift for his mom, and Hailey deduces that Frank and Petey are "more than friends".

"The Pin is Mightier Than the Swole": Hailey's next list item is to lose against her father, Kai, at bowling. Her method is ruined when she learns that Kai plays with the guard rails up. Hailey ends up recruiting Darryl, a brain-dead employee who is constantly failing, to train her in being bad at bowling. Meanwhile, Beta discovers a vending machine for stuffed bear making and uses it to give himself a buff body. Hailey begins to succeed at failing, but a Chaos Bot suddenly appears to ruin everything. Beta goes after it, losing his upgraded body in the process, but manages to destroy it. Hailey successfully loses, but Kai deduces that Hailey lost on purpose. He tells her that he is happy that she is a good bowler, as it means that he has succeeded in some aspect.
20"We Wish You a Merry Chaos-mas"TBATBATBADecember 1, 2023 (2023-12-01)120TBD


Chibi Tiny Tales[edit]

A few months after its premiere, Hailey's On It! joined the Chibi Tiny Tales series.

No.TitleOriginal release date
1"Hailey's On The Disneyland Matterhorn"November 11, 2023 (2023-11-11)[32]
2"Beta in Love"November 18, 2023 (2023-11-18)[33]
3"Fortune Teller"November 25, 2023 (2023-11-25)[34]

Broken Karaoke[edit]

Part of the Broken Karaoke series that was started by Big City Greens.

No.TitleOriginal release date
1"Born To Be Strange"July 29, 2023 (2023-07-29)[35]
2"I Wear Them All"October 24, 2023 (2023-10-24)[36]

Theme Song Takeover[edit]

As part of a promotional campaign, Disney Channel began airing the Disney Theme Song Takeover wherein supporting characters from different shows performed the theme song to the series they were in.

No.TitleOriginal release date
1"Beta Theme Song Takeover"August 19, 2023 (2023-08-19)[37]



The earliest concept for Hailey's On It! was conceived when Devin Bunje and Nick Stanton came up with a scenario of a girl failing to pay attention to a time-traveling messenger.[38] The duo grew interested in the characters and slowly began to develop what would eventually grow into the series.[39]

On November 18, 2021, Disney Branded Television announced that Hailey's On It! had been greenlit for a 20-episode first season.[1] Meredith Roberts, a Disney Television Animation executive described the series as the first animated series by Bunje and Stanton, and called it a "fast-paced comedy" with "grounded stories" and "heart" which made it a "perfect fit" for Disney.[8] The series was described as aimed at kids aged 6–14 and their families.[40] On June 15, 2022, Disney Branded Television revealed that Hailey's On It! would be receiving 10 additional episodes, bringing the total from 20 episodes to a 30 episode count for the first season.[41]

It was also announced that Howy Parkins would be a co-executive producer, alongside Bunje and Stanton, and supervising director. Reporting also confirmed Wade Wisinski as the show's producer, Karen Graci as the show's story editor, and Lee Ann Dufour as the series art director.[1][42][43] In December 2022, the Daily Sundial reported that artist Jaison Wilson, who has worked on The Princess and the Frog, Milo Murphy's Law, Candace Against the Universe, and Amphibia, would be working on the series.[44] On April 28, the show's first trailer was released, and a press release noted that the show's guest cast includes Brian Jordan Alvarez, Blake Anderson, Mick Foley, Jo Koy, Jack McBrayer, Bebe Neuwirth, Chris Parnell, Tim Robinson, Natasha Rothwell, Brandon Mychal Smith, Martin Starr, and Al Yankovic.[6] The same day, it was announced that Cat Harman-Mitchell and Leslie Park would be series directors.[43][6]


Writers for the series include Mary Gulino and Kevin Yee.[45][46] Karen Graci serves as story editor.[47][43] Bunje and Stanton said the use of animation gave them greater creative freedom than their live-action works.[39] Due to the constant changes made to the show's story during development, the writers purposefully avoided having the content on Hailey's list to be fully defined, instead wanting the content to be conceived as they developed the story for each episode in order to allow greater creative freedom and flexibility.[39]

The character of Beta was created because the writers wanted a way to "organize and prioritize list items" without always relying on the list itself, with the idea of a technologically advanced smartphone being conceived due to the dynamic such character could have with Hailey.[39] Beta was originally meant to be a minor character, but his role was expanded after the writers enjoyed Gary Anthony Williams' performance and further developed him.[48]


Hailey's On It! (Original Soundtrack)
Soundtrack album / EP by
various artists
ReleasedJune 9, 2023
LabelWalt Disney
ProducerMatthew Tishler, Andrew Underberg

The series features K-pop, rock pop-rock, EDM, and musical theater tracks. A digital soundtrack with six original songs was released on June 9 by Walt Disney Records.[6][49] Matthew Tishler and Andrew Underberg are songwriters/composers for the series.[43][6]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by Andrew Underberg & Matthew Tishler except where indicated

1."Born For This" Auliʻi Cravalho2:47
2."I'll Never Lose You Baby" Onestar2:34
3."Kiss Your Friend"Underberg, Devin Bunke, Tishler, Nick StantonWade O. Brown1:20
4."You Fit Me Perfectly"Underberg, Kevin Yee, TishlerCravalho, Manny Jacinto1:28
5."Dance (Da Da Da Da)" Onestar1:32
6."The Future's in My Hands - Theme from "Hailey's On It!"" Cravalho2:58


The series premiered simultaneously on Disney Channel and Disney XD on June 8, 2023, and then on Disney+ the following day.[6][50] Several "Theme Song Takeover," "Broken Karaoke" and "Chibi Tiny Tales" shorts featuring characters from the series began airing in July.[6][49] The series has a TV-Y7 parental guideline.[49]


Matthew Aguilar of ComicBook.com described Hailey's On It! as a "delightful new comedy adventure series."[51] Ashley Moulton of Common sense Media gave Hailey's On It! a grade of four out of five stars, praised the depiction of positive messages and role models, citing friendship and courage, while complimenting the educational value, writing, "Teen girl role model shines in funny action-adventure."[52]

In other media[edit]

Video games[edit]

Following the show's premiere, DisneyNOW released updates for the games Bubble Burst and Color Splash related to the show.[6][49]


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