Hailong Market

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Hailong Market
20030511021028 - 中关村.jpg
Alternative names Hai Long Market
Hailong Plaza
Hilon Market
General information
Location Zhongguancun
Town or city Haidian District
Country China China
Technical details
Floor count 7 [1]

Hailong Market is one of five major electronics markets in Zhongguancun, Beijing.[2][3]


Hailong Market opened in December 1999.[4]

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  2. ^ "China guarding against software piracy". China Daily. 2004-09-20. Retrieved 2010-06-05. The peddler decided to quit the business and tried to find another job instead of selling pirated software near the Hilon Building, a computer marketplace in Zhongguancun in Beijing, the so-called Chinese Silicon Valley.
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  4. ^ "Hailong Punishes Illegal Electronics Sellers". ChinaCSR.com. 2007-05-16. Retrieved 2010-06-05. Since its opening in December 1999, Hailong says it has been putting the consumers' interest first in running its business.

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