Hainan Daily

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Hainan Daily
Hainan Daily Newspaper Building - 01.jpg
TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherHainan Daily Press Group
FoundedMay 7, 1950
HeadquartersHaikou, Hainan
Websitehttp://hnrb.hinews.cn/ (Simplified Chinese)

The Hainan Daily (Chinese: 海南日报; pinyin: Hăinán Rìbào) is a daily Chinese language newspaper published in Hainan Province, People's Republic of China. Originally the organ of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), it was established on May 7, 1950.[1] Following reform and opening up, in July 2004 it was privatised and became part of the Hainan Daily Press Group (海南日报报业集团 Hăinán Rìbào Bàoyè Jítuán). This group also operates the online news service hinews.cn in simplified Chinese, which in 2009 won a national prize for innovative website development.[1]

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