Hainan yellow lantern chili

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Capsicum chinense - Hainan Yellow Lantern Chili - 04.jpg
SpeciesCapsicum chinense
CultivarHainan yellow lantern chili

The Hainan yellow lantern chili (Chinese: 海南黄灯笼椒 Pinyin: hǎi nán huáng dēng lóng jiāo), also known as the yellow emperor chili (Chinese: 黄帝椒 Pinyin: huáng dì jiāo) is a member of the Capsicum chinense species of chili peppers that grows mainly in the southwest and southeast of Hainan Island off the coast of Southern China.[1]

Description and use[edit]


This hot chili matures to a bright yellow colour and is about 5 cm (2.0 in) long and 3.12 cm (1.23 in) wide.[2] Most Hainan yellow lantern chili is processed into hot sauce.[citation needed]


In 2009, the Tropical Vegetable Research Centre of the Chinese Tropical Agriculture Institute announced the breeding of a new cultivar that produces 10 times more fruit than the original variety.[3] This has increased output from 500 kg (1,100 lb) to 5,000 kg (11,000 lb) per Chinese acre (mu).[dubious ]


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