Hair of the Dog (album)

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Hair of the Dog
Hair of the Dog cover.jpg
Studio album by Nazareth
Released April 1975 (1975-04)
Recorded 1974-75
Genre Hard rock
Length 40:20
Label Mooncrest (UK), A&M (US)
Producer Manny Charlton
Nazareth chronology
Hair of the Dog
Greatest Hits
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
* Allmusic [1] 4.5/5 stars
*Rolling Stone (Not Rated) [2]

Hair of the Dog is the sixth studio album by the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth, released in 1975. The album was recorded at Escape Studios, Kent, with additional recording and mixing at AIR Studios, London, and is the band's biggest selling album, having sold two million copies worldwide.[citation needed]

After three albums with Deep Purple's Roger Glover producing, Manny Charlton stepped into that position, one he filled for several subsequent albums.

It was Nazareth's first big hit album (aside from the minor success of Razamanaz), including classics such as the title track, "Love Hurts" (on the US version, but not the Canadian/European, it replaced the original "Guilty"), "Beggars Day" and "Please Don't Judas Me".

The album title is often considered to be a shortened form of the phrase describing a folk hangover cure, "the hair of the dog that bit you". However, according to Dan McCafferty, the title is a play on "heir of the dog", i.e. a "son of a bitch". This was the title the band had intended for the album, but the label did not approve and had the name changed.

The album was first reissued on CD in 1990. There are also remastered editions released since 1997 with different sets of bonus tracks.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Manny Charlton, Dan McCafferty, Pete Agnew, Darrell Sweet, except where noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Hair of the Dog"   4:11
2. "Miss Misery"   4:40
3. "Guilty" (International editions) Randy Newman 3:38
4. "Changin' Times"   6:03
5. "a) Beggars Day" (Grin cover)
"b) Rose in the Heather[a]"
a) Nils Lofgren 6:31
6. "Whiskey Drinkin' Woman"   5:29
7. "Please Don't Judas Me"   9:48
8. "Love Hurts" (The Everly Brothers cover; originally track 3 on US edition) Boudleaux Bryant 3:53
  1. ^ Title per original LP release; at least one later reissue lists this track as "Rose in Heather".

The remastered editions include both "Guilty" (track 3) and "Love Hurts" (track 8) plus the following bonus tracks:

1997 Castle Communications / Essential[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
9. "Down" (B-side to Love Hurts single)   3:55
10. "Railroad Boy" (B-side to Holy Roller single) Darrell Sweet, Manny Charlton, Pete Agnew 4:07
11. "Hair of the Dog" (single edit)   3:21

2001 30th Anniversary Edition[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
9. "Down" (B-side to Love Hurts single)   3:55
10. "Holy Roller" (single A-side)   3:23
11. "Railroad Boy" (B-side to Holy Roller single) Darrell Sweet, Manny Charlton, Pete Agnew 4:07
12. "Hair of the Dog" (single edit)   3:21
13. "Holy Roller" (extended alternate mix)   4:16

2010 Salvo Records Remaster[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
9. "My White Bicycle" (Tomorrow cover; also available on the 30th anniversary edition of Close Enough for Rock 'n' Roll album) Ken Burgess, Kenyon Hopkins 3:26
10. "Holy Roller" (single)   3:25
11. "Railroad Boy" (B-side of Holy Roller)   4:07
12. "Hair of the Dog" (BBC live recording)   3:47
13. "Holy Roller" (BBC live recording)   4:22
14. "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" (Little Feat cover; BBC live recording) Lowell George 4:22
15. "This Flight Tonight" (Joni Mitchell cover; BBC live recording) Joni Mitchell 3:38
16. "Road Ladies" (Frank Zappa cover; BBC live recording) Frank Zappa 7:03


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