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Hair rig

The hair rig is a piece of fishing tackle which allows a bait to be presented without sitting directly on the hook. It is mainly associated with boilies, but also works effectively with many other baits. The hair rig became popular in the 1970s. It has been experimented with by English anglers, and has revolutionised carp fishing.[1]

At the beginning, natural wire (from a ponytail) was used to link the bait to the hook. This is why it was called the 'hair rig'. This material was very discreet but it was a little fragile. The bait also didn't act in a sufficiently natural manner. In tests, the carp only took the free offerings and left the hook bait. It was also a problem because anglers sometimes lost their baits while they were casting. These problems have been solved with the appearance of braided thread, a new material that allows threads to be as discreet as natural ones but more resistant.


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