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A hair tattoo, or scalp micropigmentation,[1] is a cosmetic tattoo that gives the illusion of a close buzz cut hairstyle on a bald head.[2] The procedure can also be used to conceal the scars from hair transplantation or to make thinning hair seem thicker.[3] In contrast to other tattoos, the procedure does not penetrate as deeply, and the inks used are less prone to colour change over time.[3]

What actually is hair simulation?[edit]

It is a cosmetic procedure that replicates the look of real hair follicles. The treatment is a form of tattoo. Tattooing history is almost as old as human history, and yet, the scalp pigmentation that we know today is a rather newer technique and uses warm pigments (not tattoo ink) to cover the bald scalps and add density to thinning hair[4]. It has been more popular and widely accepted in the past fifteen years or so.[5]


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