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Hairenik Association building - Watertown, Mass.

Hairenik (Armenian: Հայրենիք meaning "fatherland") is an Armenian language weekly newspaper published by the Hairenik Association in Watertown, Massachusetts in the United States.

The newspaper, serving the Armenian American community, was established as a weekly in on May 1, 1899, in New York making it one of the longest-running Armenian publications. It permenantly moved to Watertown, Massachusetts near Boston in 1900.

In June 1913, it started publishing once every two days, and in December 1915, it became a daily newspaper, with continuous publication as such until 1991, when it was reduced to weekly publication due to declining readership.

It has had the involvement of prominent Armenian national figures as editors such as Arshak Vramian (1900–1907), Siamanto (1909–1911), Simon Vratsian (1911–1914), and Rouben Darbinian (1922–1968).

Hairenik published early stories by William Saroyan, such as "The Broken Wheel" (1933), written under the pen name "Sirak Goryan".

Other Hairenik Association publications[edit]

Hairenik Association Inc. has also published :

  • Hairenik Monthly, from 1922 to 1967
  • Hairenik Quarterly, from 1968 to 1971
  • Armenian Weekly, an English language publication since 1934.
  • The Armenian Review, an English language publication

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