Hairy Apes BMX

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Hairy Apes BMX
Origin Austin, Texas
Genres Experimental, Jazz, Funk
Years active 1999 - present
Associated acts Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle
Malachy Papers
Billy Goat
Members Mike Dillon, John Speice, J.J. Richards, E. Clarke Wyatt

Hairy Apes BMX is an Austin, Texas, USA-based band playing an eclectic mix of rock, jazz, Latin, afro-funk, hip-hop, and punk. They won the Austin Regional Poll at The 1st Annual Independent Music Awards. According to Dillon, the band's name refers to humans all being "just a bunch of hairy apes" and BMX stands for "butt-moving experience".

Current members[edit]

  • Mike Dillon - vibraphone, percussion, vocals
  • John Speice - drums, percussion
  • J.J. Richards - bass, vocals
  • E. Clarke Wyatt - keyboards

Past members[edit]


  • Expatriape 1999
  • Out Demons 2000
  • Beautiful Seizure 2003


Planet of the Apes, J.J. Hensley, The Pitch, August 3, 2000
Bio at JamBase

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