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List of earthquakes in Haiti

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This is a list of earthquakes in Haiti. Some of them have been very destructive to the country.

List of major earthquakes

As of 2010, the following major earthquakes have been recorded in Haiti.

12 January 2010 earthquake

Main article: 2010 Haiti earthquake

Eric Calais, a geophysicist at Purdue University who has researched in the area for years, and Ross Stein of the United States Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California, and colleagues have independently calculated that the earthquake has increased the risk on other segments of the Enriquillo fault and perhaps on other faults, although the quake probably did not increase the risk (which is already known to be high) of a major tremor on the Septentrional fault. Stein suggests that if the calculations are right—noting that they may well not be—something may be "fundamentally locked in some fashion, on pretty much all scales, and might be capable of popping off something large".[11] Historical accounts, although not precise, suggest that there has been a sequence of quakes progressing westwards along the fault, starting with an earthquake in the Dominican Republic in 2010. There are concerns that the 12 January earthquake could be the beginning of a new long-term sequence of both earthquakes and tsunamis: "the whole region is fearful".

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