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For a village in Primorsky Krai, Russia, see Gayvoron, Russia.
Not to be confused with Grayvoron.

Haivoron (Ukrainian: Гайворон) is a town in Kirovohrad Oblast (province) of Ukraine. Population is 16,126 (2001). Haivoron is standing on the river Southern Bug. It is believed that Haivoron was established in 1800. The population of Haivoron is about 15000 people (2010). Although Gaivoron is situated in rural area, it has important for this region train repairing plant (in Ukrainian - тепловозоремонтний завод).

Coordinates: 48°20′N 29°52′E / 48.333°N 29.867°E / 48.333; 29.867