Haji Saeed Samadodot Bambaras

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Haji Saeed Samadodot Odyssey Bambaras (1887–1969) was an Djboutian who was the Issa clan leader. He was the right hand side of Haile Sailasse and Djboutian rebel against the Italians.

Early years[edit]

Haji saeed was born to a religious Muslim family (rare galan), due to Issa traditionally traces its Arabian connexions through its Dir affiliations to Aqeel ibn Abi Talib. Haji Saeed was gained his reputation since teenage years through learning the Quran and being a helper to the needy.

Opposition against Italians[edit]

In the mid 1930s the Italians invaded Djbouti and Haji Saeed inspired his people by speaking and standing against the invasion and the Italians couldn't enter Issa (rare galan) land and tried to make a deal with Haji Saeed to betray his people but he refused and fought back,the Italians were amazed by this strong rebel man and build a statue for him.However the Italians had problems in the constant border skirmishes occurred between French forces in French Somaliland and Italian forces in Italian East Africa and decided to leave the clan alone.

Haile Selassie right hand side[edit]

Haji saeed was the first that come in mind of Haile Sailasse if he was thinking for a solution of problems. Within years of friendship Haile Selassie had conflicts with Haji saeed and at that time people started to like Haji Saeed and so Haile Sailasse feared that Haji Saeed might over take Djbouti and Ethiopia together and so he overthrew Haji Saeed by treating him by killing if he moved outside Djbouti, by this move from Haile Selassie people didn’t knew who Haji Saeed is.

Last Years[edit]

Haji Saeed decided to pursue a religious life and started to cure people with the Holy Quran, So people started calling him from the awlyaa(اولياء). He was married and had two children, a daughter (Fathiah Haji Saeed Samadodot) and son (Amran Haji Saeed Samadodot) and he died at age of 82 in 1969 from a normal death.