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Hajiyani Khadija (Urdu: حاجیانی خديجہ‎), formally referred to as Hajiana Khatija Bai, is a Pakistani Memon woman from the Indian city of Bantva, Gujarat. Hajiani Khatijabai and her family migrated and settled in Karachi after independence of Pakistan in 1947. Although she was only semi-literate herself,[1] she founded the Raunaq-e-Islam (رونق اسلام) chain of girls schools, colleges and industrial homes, under the banner of the Pakistan Memon Women's Educational society. She was supported and financially underwritten in this endeavor by Suleman Bhoora both before and after the independence of Pakistan and their migration into Pakistan.[2] The schools were open to all communities and charged minimal fees. Today, she features as one of the many prominent educators.


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