Hajigabul District

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Map of Azerbaijan showing Hajigabul rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Hajigabul rayon
Country Azerbaijan
Capital Qazimemmed
 • Total 1,640 km2 (630 sq mi)
Population (2009)
 • Total 65,500
Postal code 2400
Telephone code (+994) 21[1]

Hajigabul (Hacıqabul) is a rayon of Azerbaijan.

There are 31 populated areas. One of them is a city, 1 city-like settlement, 4 settlements and 25 villages.

There are 15 administrative-territorial units, 5 medical institutions and 55 cultural centers.

The Pirsaat River and valley is located in this rayon.



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Coordinates: 40°02′17″N 48°56′13″E / 40.037999°N 48.937038°E / 40.037999; 48.937038