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"Hajime Yatate" (矢立 肇, Yatate Hajime) is a pseudonym for the collective contributions of the Sunrise animation staff.[1]


"Hajime Yatate" is considered to be named after a quote of Matsuo Bashō's Oku no Hosomichi:

是を矢立の初めとして、行く道なほ進まず (Kore o yatate no hajime toshite, Ikumichi naho susumazu)
This was the first time I used my travel writing implements, and I was still reluctant to venture farther.[2]

Credited series[edit]

This collective entity is credited as the "Original Creator" (原作, gensaku) of most original Sunrise works, including, but not limited to:[1]

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Collective pseudonyms under the Toei Group:


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