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For the village in Iran, see Hakan, Iran.
Gender Masculine
Meaning Emperor
Region of origin Turkey
Other names
Derived Turkic, meaning ruler

Hakan is a common Turkish forename. The name is produced by using two Turkish titles for rulers: Han (Khan) and Kağan (Khagan). Therefore, by joining Han and Kağan, a new title which is higher than Kağan is achieved: Han Kağan. It has transformed into Hakan over time.

The name is also spelled Khakan or Khaqan in other parts of the world, with the same etymology.

Given name[edit]


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Hakan, a Turkish oil wrestler in the Street Fighter video game series
  • Hakan II, the child emperor of Caldeum in the Diablo III video game, who is actually Belial, the Lord of Lies, in disguise.

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