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Hakan Dinç (born 1963) is a Turkish racing driver. He made his first amateur race in 1986, and won the Hittite Rally in 1987.[1]

He trained with the Jim Russell Racing Driver School in 1993, and earned an instructor's license.[1] One year after, he established the Safari Racing School.[1] In 1994, Dinç competed in the fledgling Turkish Formula Three Championship.[2]

Hakan Dinç won the Group N class of the Turkish Rally Championship in 2004,[3] a year in which he also made his debut in the World Rally Championship, when he entered the Rally of Turkey;[4] in this event, he won the Group N4 category.[5] The following year, he switched to a Skoda Octavia WRC for both the Turkish Rally Championship and the Rally of Turkey,[3] but mechanical issues forced him out of the latter event on the fourth stage.[6] In 2006, Dinç competed in the Rally of Turkey for the third time, which was part of the World Rally Championship, in a Group N Subaru Impreza;[7] he finished fourth in class.[8] In 2007, he transferred to Ford Rallye Sport Turkey Team, driving a Ford Focus WRC.[9]


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