Hakan Massoud Navabi

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Hakan Massoud Nawabi
هاکان مسعود نوابی
Hakan Massoud Navabi (1).jpg
Hakan at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi - India ; 2012
Born (1990-07-31) July 31, 1990 (age 25)
Kabul, Afghanistan
Occupation Writer-author, blogger and journalist
Language Persian, Dari, English
Nationality Afghan
Years active 2010 – present
Relatives Massoud Nawabi (father)

Hakan Massoud Navabi (Persian: هاکان مسعود نوابی-: also known as: Hakan Nawabi ; 31 July 1990‎‎), is an Afghan origin poet, writer and blogger.[1] He is the son of Afghan well-known poet, writer and cultural personality; Massoud Nawabi who have been listed as the most prominent cultural personality at the history of Afghanistan in 2011 and is the grand son of "Ghulam Habib Nawabi", who was the last of the great Dari/ Persian Poet and among the first to introduce modern Dari poetry in Afghanistan.

Acknowledged for the quality of his writing, Born in the city of Kabul in Afghanistan, he currently works in a Diplomatic Mission at the Embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi, India.

Early life[edit]

Hakan was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1990. In 1996 Hakan and his family moved to Pakistan where his father established a school; Ghulam Habib Nawabi and the Educational Committee for Afghan Refugees (ECAR) in Islamabad.

As of today, Hakan's portfolios are diverse and rich as compared to any other youngster of his age; he has been writing in leading in both Dari and in English dailies, magazines, blogs, websites as a ‘freelance feature writer’ apart from working on different designations in different cities of South Asian countries like; Kabul, Islamabad and New Delhi. Moreover, he has been involved in many a self-styled endeavor which have fulfilled his intellectual appetite to an extent that he has always managed to keep his countenance happy and upbeat, and has stood tall against all odds.[2]

Currently engaged in a diplomatic mission at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi - India, Hakan has what it takes to fulfill the requirements which the love of work and the pen brings in. His only wish is to make the nation proud with his literary initiatives.[3]

Poems (Dari/ Persian)[edit]

  • به فرد فرد وطن
  • بیا [4]
  • شب وهم انگیز
  • گذشت ساعت
  • پدر ای چراغ خانه
  • مهر پدر
  • مادر ای لطیف ترین گل بوستان هستی
  • چقدر
  • ای مردمان ای مردمان[5]

Poems (English)[edit]

  • It doesn't matter
  • Why is this so?

Articles (Dari/ Persian)[edit]

  • زندگی باید بزرگ باشد نه طولانی
  • 18 Seconds - هژده ثانیه
  • همایون رفت… اما هنر از بین نمی رود
  • افغانستان در کنسرت موسیقی کشور های (سارک) اشتراک کرد
  • شمعی از کارکرد های دینی، فرهنگی، ادبی، تاریخی و تحقیقی مر حوم استاد مسعود نوابی
  • پنج مدال طلا و دو مدال نقره
  • پنجمین بهار نشراتی سایت وزین ۲۴ ساعت
  • استاد مهدی حسن، شاهنشاه غزل
  • به مناسبت اولین سالگرد وفات مرحوم استاد مسعود نوابی
  • زنده گینامه مرحوم مسعود نوابی
  • پیام تبریکی بمناسبت میلاد با سعادت ناجی بشریت



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