Hakata Dontaku

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Hakata Dontaku
Observed byHakata, Fukuoka
Begins3 May
Ends4 May
DateMonth of May

The Hakata Dontaku (博多どんたく) is a festival held annually in Fukuoka, Japan.

Toorimon parade


The Hakata Dontaku has been held every year since 1962 during Golden Week, from 3 May to 4 May.[1]


The word "Dontaku" originates in Dutch "zondag" meaning Sunday. Dontaku was named by Meiji government for a holiday some 150 years ago, then for any festival held merely on holidays along with distinction of original usage. Hakata or Fukuoka-city is the exceptional location now in Japan preserving this named festival. assuming origin in Matsubayashi parade of feudal age about 500 years ago.


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