Hakeem Manzoor

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Hakeem Manzoor (1937-2006), Writer, Poet & Administrator

Hakeem Manzoor (January 17, 1937 – 2006) was a prominent Urdu writer, poet and administrator. Born in Srinagar in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, he wrote more than 15 books. Some of his famous books in Urdu are Na Tamaam, Barf Ruton Ki Aag and Lahu Lamas Chinar. Hakeenm Manzoor served in the state administration in various capacities. He headed the Education Department and worked as the District Development Commissioner Baramulla and the Custodian General besides the Jammu and Kashmir Resident Commissioner in New Delhi. He also received award from cultural academy of Jammu and kashmir. His original name was Manzoor ahmad. He received his early education from a local High School and graduated from S.P. college srinagar