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Typegeneral broadsheet
Founded3 April 1917
Headquarterspr. Peter I, 61
Makhachkala, Dagestan

Hakikat (Avar: XӀакъикъат, lit. Truth) is the main Avar language newspaper, published in Dagestan.

Previous names:

  • 1979-1918: XӀакъикъат (Truth)
  • 1918-1920: ХӀалтӀулел чагӀи (Working People)
  • 1920-1921: БагӀараб байрах (Red Flag)
  • 1921-1934: БагӀарал мугӀрул (Red Mountains)
  • 1934-1951: МагӀарул большевик (Bolshevik of the mountains)
  • 1951-1957: Дагъистаналъул правда (Dagestani Truth)
  • 1957-1990: БагӀараб байрах (Red Flag)

Among the authors published by the newspaper was Rasul Gamzatov.