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Entrance to Hakkaku stable

Hakkaku stable (八角部屋 Hakkaku-beya?) is a stable of sumo wrestlers, part of the Takasago ichimon or group of stables. It was established in September 1993 by former yokozuna Hokutoumi, who took with him four wrestlers from Kokonoe stable. The stable has so far produced nine sekitori, four of whom have reached the makuuchi division. As of January 2016 it had 27 wrestlers.

Many Hakkaku wrestlers have the kanji 北勝 (pronounced hokuto or hokutō) in their ring name, taken from the former name of their head coach.

Ring name conventions[edit]

Many wrestlers at this stable take ring names or shikona that begin with the character 北 (read: hoku), meaning north, in deference to their coach and the stable's owner, the former Hokutoumi.


Notable active wrestlers[edit]

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