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Hakupu council within Niue
Hakupu council within Niue
Administrative map of Niue showing all the villages
Administrative map of Niue showing all the villages
Coordinates: 19°06′S 169°50′W / 19.100°S 169.833°W / -19.100; -169.833Coordinates: 19°06′S 169°50′W / 19.100°S 169.833°W / -19.100; -169.833
Country Niue
Tribal AreaTafiti
 • Total48.04 km2 (18.55 sq mi)
 • Total129
 • Density2.69/km2 (7.0/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-11 (UTC-11)
Area code(s)+683

Hakupu is one of the fourteen villages of the island of Niue.[1] According to the 2006 census, it has a population of 162, making it the third-largest village in Niue.[2]


It is located in the southeast of the island, close to Matatamane Point, and is connected by road with the capital Alofi (12 kilometres to the northwest), Avatele (7 kilometres to the west), and via the east coast road to Liku (12 kilometres), Lakepa (16 kilometres), and Mutalau (on the north coast, 20 kilometres away).


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