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Hala'ib is located in Egypt
Coordinates: 22°13′23″N 36°38′51″E / 22.22306°N 36.64750°E / 22.22306; 36.64750Coordinates: 22°13′23″N 36°38′51″E / 22.22306°N 36.64750°E / 22.22306; 36.64750
Country Disputed between Egypt and Sudan
Disputed area Hala'ib Triangle

Hala'ib (Arabic: حلايب‎) or Halayeb is a Red Sea port and town, located in the Hala'ib Triangle, a 20,580 km2 (7,950 sq mi) area disputed between Egypt and Sudan. The town lies on the southern tip of the Egyptian Red Sea Riviera and is near the ruins of medieval Aydhab. De facto control of the area is held by the Egyptian government.

Ecology and geography[edit]

In the Hala'ib region, Afrotropical elements have their northern limits at Gebel Elba, making it a unique region among Egypt's dominating Mediterranean and North African ecosystems. There is also dense cover of acacias, mangroves and other shrubs, in addition to endemic species of plants such as Biscutella elbensis.

The highest peaks in the area are Mount Elba (1,435 m), Mount Shellal (1,409 m), Mount Shendib (1,911 m) and Mount Shendodai (1,526 m).

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