Halawet el Jibn

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Halawet el Jibn
حلاوة الجبن الحموية.jpg
Halawet El Jibn
Place of originSyria
Region or stateLevant
Serving temperatureRoom temperature
Main ingredientsSemolina, cheese, sugar, clotted cream, pistachio, rose water

Halawet el-jibn (Arabic: حلاوة الجبن‎ / Ḥalāwat al-jibn) (cheese confection) is a Levantine Arabic dessert made of a Semolina and cheese dough, filled with cream.[1] Its origin has been given as the city of Hama in Syria,[2][3] though it is sometimes claimed to be the city of Homs,[4] where it is considered a specialty.[5] It is found in other regions in the Middle East, including Lebanon and Turkey,[5][6] and other countries around the world.[7][8]


This dessert is primarily made of a cheese dough (containing Akkawi cheese, mozzarella, or some mix of cheeses), a sugar syrup, and orange blossom water or rose water. It is normally filled with cream (Qoshta, Arabic: قشطة‎) and decorated with pistachio.


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