Halden Arbeiderblad

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Halden Arbeiderblad
Owner(s) A-pressen (41.5%)
Editor Frode Rekve
Founded 1929
Political alignment Labour Party
Headquarters Halden, Norway
Website www.ha-halden.no

Halden Arbeiderblad is a Norwegian language local newspaper published in Halden, Norway.

History and profile[edit]

Halden Arbeiderblad was established in 1929 as a Labour Party newspaper,[1] but later became non-partisan.[2] It was stopped between October 1940 and June 1945 due to the German occupation of Norway,[1] and the editor-in-chief Johannes Stubberud was sent to a concentration camp.[3]

In addition to Halden, the newspaper covers the municipality of Aremark.[1] In 2008 it had a circulation of 8,533 copies of which 8,267 were through subscription.[4] It is published by Halden Arbeiderblad AS, which is owned 41.5% by A-pressen, 14.7% by the Labour Party, 19.9% by local trade unions and 23.9% by various others.[4]


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