Halden Reactor

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The reactor hall of the Halden Reactor

The Halden Reactor[1] is a 25MW nuclear reactor located in Halden, Norway and dedicated for research. The reactor became operative in 1958, and is operated by the Institute for Energy Technology. In October 2016 media said that it is expected to close now, without saying what year it will reopen.[2]

The reactor is a Boiling water reactor (BWR) moderated by heavy water.[3] The reactor is used for safety-focussed research into materials, fuel burnup, and fuel behaviour in prolonged operating conditions in co-operation with organizations from 19 countries.[4]


The research reactor suffered on 24 October 2016 1:45 pm a small leakage of radioactive Iodine. No health risk or danger to the environment outside the facility was expected by the NRPA-authority. The reactor was already shut down at the time for routine maintenance.[5] On 25 October the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), announced that the leak had been contained. No injuries were reported. The personnel at the plant had only been exposed to a small dosage of radiation.[6]


Coordinates: 59°07′37″N 11°24′13″E / 59.1269°N 11.4036°E / 59.1269; 11.4036