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The reactor hall of the Halden Reactor

The Halden Reactor[1] is a 25MW nuclear reactor located in Halden, Norway and dedicated for research. The reactor became operative in 1958, and is operated by the Institute for Energy Technology. The reactor is a Boiling water reactor (BWR) moderated by heavy water.[2] The reactor is used for safety-focussed research into materials, fuel burnup, and fuel behaviour in prolonged operating conditions in co-operation with organizations from 19 countries.[3] - Its current operating license expires at the end of 2014.[4] Authorities are considering whether to extend the operating license beyond 2014. In May 2014, the Norwegian Radiological Protection Authority recommended a ten-year license extension.[5]

Report to police by Norway's foreign ministry[edit]

A 12 May 2013 article in O Estado de S. Paulo broke the story about fuel testing done at the reactor in regards to the nuclear submarine program of Brazil.[6] The testing did not have the proper authorization from Norway's government.[6] Brazil is not a participant in the joint 2012-4 research programme.[3]

On 4 September 2013, Norwegian media wrote that the institute "is admitting to illegal cooperation with companies in four more countries:"[7] Russia, Argentina, France and the United States. Later, Norway's foreign ministry filed a complaint with PST.[7] triggering an investigation that is on-going.


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