Hales Hall

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Hales Hall

Hales Hall in Loddon, Norfolk, was once the house of the Hobarts, namely Sir James Hobart, who became attorney general to Henry VII in 1485.


There has been a house on this site for some 1100 years with the remaining buildings being late medieval, including the outer gatehouse, stewards and guest lodgings and the largest brick medieval barn in Britain and built by Sir James Hobart in the late 1470s. A descendant of the same family would later build Blickling Hall in Norfolk. The barn is currently used as a reception hall.


Previous occupants include Sir Roger de Hales in the 13th century whose daughter Alice married Thomas de Brotherton, King Edward I half brother, and Lady Dionysius Williamson who gave £11,000 in the 1670s to help Christopher Wren rebuild London's churches after the great fire in 1666.


Coordinates: 52°30′36″N 1°29′31″E / 52.510039°N 1.491856°E / 52.510039; 1.491856