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Half-handed Cloud at a concert in Haninge, Sweden in 2008

Half-handed Cloud is a band from Berkeley, California. It was started as a one-man band by John Ringhofer, who created the band name based on an occurrence in the Old Testament. Half-handed Cloud is under Asthmatic Kitty Records. His previous band was Wookieback with Matthew Vollmer and Brandon Buckner. Ringhofer, a vegetarian, lives rent free in return for his custodial services at a church in Berkeley, CA. John Ringhofer has collaborated with Sufjan Stevens on his What's The Remedy? 7-inch,[1] among other works such as Thy Is A Word And Feet Need Lamps.[2] Daniel Smith of Danielson and Sounds Familyre is credited for helping to establish Half-handed Cloud's early days, and has been a frequent collaborator with John Ringhofer.[3]





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