Half Assini

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Half Assini


District Capital
Matthew Kwaw
Half Assini is located in Ghana
Half Assini
Half Assini
Location in Ghana
Coordinates: 5°03′N 2°53′W / 5.050°N 2.883°W / 5.050; -2.883Coordinates: 5°03′N 2°53′W / 5.050°N 2.883°W / 5.050; -2.883
CountryFlag of Ghana.svg Ghana
RegionWestern Region
DistrictJomoro District
30 ft (9 m)
Time zoneGMT
 • Summer (DST)GMT

Half Assini, also known as Awiane, is a small town and is the capital of Jomoro district, a district in the Western Region of Ghana. It is the hometown of Kwame Nkrumah's father. Matthew Kwaw and Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana had attended elementary school at Half Assini. It's closer to the western border of Ghana, it's a town with many tourist sites. One of Half Assini's chiefs, Anthony Kwaw, was best friends with Ghana's first president in school. [1][2]

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