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Half-title page of Picturesque New Guinea (1887), with ornamentation above and below the title

The half-title or bastard title is a page carrying nothing but the title of a book—as opposed to the title page, which also lists subtitle, author, publisher and edition. The half-title is usually counted as the very first page (p. i) in a printed book.[1]

The half-title can have some ornamentation of the book's title, or it can be plain text.

Theodore Low De Vinne distinguishes between half-title and bastard title in his series The Practice of Typography, saying:

The half-title should not be confounded with the bastard title. The half-title follows the title and begins the first page of text; the bastard title, usually a single line in capital letters, precedes the full title, and takes a separate leaf with blank verso.[2]

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