Halfaya Field

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Halfaya Field
Halfaya Field is located in Iraq
Halfaya Field
Location of Halfaya Field
Coordinates31°49′39″N 47°25′20″E / 31.82750°N 47.42222°E / 31.82750; 47.42222Coordinates: 31°49′39″N 47°25′20″E / 31.82750°N 47.42222°E / 31.82750; 47.42222
OperatorIraq Ministry of Oil
Current production of oil100,000 barrels per day (~5.0×10^6 t/a)
Estimated oil in place4,100 million barrels (~5.6×10^8 t)

Halfaya Field is an oil field, located east of Amarah, Iraq. Halfaya is proven to hold 4.1 billion barrels (650,000,000 m3) of recoverable reserve and has production potential of 200,000–535,000 barrels per day (31,800–85,100 m3/d), the China National Petroleum Corporation-led group finished the first phase in June 2012 and increased production from 3,000 barrels per day (480 m3/d) to 100,000 barrels per day (16,000 m3/d) 15 months ahead of schedule.

CNPC has started preliminary work on the second phase of Halfaya, which will bring the capacity to 200,000 bpd.[1]

In December 2009, the China National Petroleum Corporation was awarded a 50% stake in the development of the field and France's Total S.A. along with Malaysia's Petronas were awarded a 25% stake. The consortium plans production at 535,000 barrels per day (85,100 m3/d). [2]

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