Halfmann Teleskoptechnik

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Halfmann Teleskoptechnik
Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1996
Headquarters Neusäß, Germany
Key people
Oliver Halfmann, Managing Director
Products Professional telescopes and other astronomical devices, retractable enclosures
Website Halfmann Teleskoptechnik website

Halfmann Teleskoptechnik is a German-based manufacturer of professional robotic telescopes. Halfmann Telescopes have been delivered worldwide for several projects.

Origins and History[edit]

The professional branch of the company started in 1996 with delivery of special devices (siderostats) for the European Southern Observatory (ESO).


Recent telescope projects include the Hamburg Robotic Telescope HRT of the Hamburger Sternwarte (Hamburg Observatory) completed in 2005, the MONET telescopes installed at McDonald Observatory in Texas, and the South African Astronomical Observatory in South Africa. STELLA and RoboTel telescopes erected at Izana Observatory in Tenerife and at Potsdam, Germany, and IRIS Infrared telescope to be installed at Cerro Armazones Observatory in Chile. All telescopes are designed for remote and robotic operation.


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