Halfmoon Bay (Stewart Island)

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Overlooking Oban and Halfmoon Bay
Oban, Halfmoon Bay, 1977

Halfmoon Bay lies on the eastern coast of Stewart Island/Rakiura in New Zealand.

Halfmoon Bay, 1977

The town of Oban lies in the bay. A small fishing fleet and a ferry service from Bluff use the bay.

The gardens of Moturau Moana built by Isabel Noeline Baker, are New Zealand's southernmost public gardens.[1]

Halfmoon Bay and its neighbour Horseshoe Bay are the subject of a name mix-up, caused by early cartographers. Halfmoon Bay is in fact shaped more like a horseshoe, whereas Horseshoe Bay is shaped like a half moon.


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Coordinates: 46°54′S 168°08′E / 46.900°S 168.133°E / -46.900; 168.133