Halfway, Cambuslang

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Halfway is a largely suburban area in the town of Cambuslang, Scotland located within the local authority area of South Lanarkshire. Halfway borders the smaller areas of Lightburn, Flemington and Hallside. It was named when passengers, in the days of the Glasgow to Hamilton stagecoach would stop halfway to change the horses, have a rest etc. The district also has the older name of Gilbertfield, the castle of which name still stands. There is a long history of coal-mining in the area (especially around Flemington), but no colliery is still in operation.

The above named 'castle', as it's known locally, is in fact a stately home. It was owned by Hamilton of Gilbertfield. He was a friend of Robert Burns and wrote a poem about William Wallace called Blind Harry's Wallace, a rendering into contemporary English of a medieval Scots poem, which was eventually used as the basis for the screenplay that became the Mel Gibson blockbuster Braveheart.

The area sits near Dechmont Hill, an extinct volcanic rock, 300 foot above sea level. There is evidence, written by the Welsh chroniclers, that King Arthur's 12th battle, the battle of Calaan, took place there against the two sons of his rival Caw, (or Cawn), king of Strathclyde.See [1]

Notable people from Halfway include boxer Scott Harrison, a World Featherweight champion; Davie Wilson, Scotland and Rangers F.C striker; Kyle Hutton, midfielder, who also played with Rangers; and Mick McGahey union leader of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM).