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Halide Nusret Zorlutuna (1901 – 10 June 1984) was a Turkish poet and novelist.


Zorlutuna was born in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire as the daughter of Mehmet Selim Bey, a journalist and political prisoner.[1] Brought up in exile with her father, she later married and travelled with an army officer.[2] A teacher of Turkish literature in schools, she took part in movements for the rights of women and children.[1]

Her sister İsmet Kür (1916–2013) was an educator, journalist, columnist and writer of mainly children's literature.[3][4] Her niece Pınar Kür (born 1943) is a journalist.[3]


  • Poetry
    • Geceden Taşan Dertler (Sorrow Flooding Off Night, 1930)
    • Yayla Türküsü (Song of the Plateau, 1943)
    • Yurdumun Dört Bucağı (Every Place of My Country, 1950)
    • Ellerim Bomboş (My Hands Are Empty, 1967).
  • Novels
    • Küller (Ashes, 1921)
    • Sisli Geceler (Misty Nights, 1922)
    • Gülün Babası Kim (Who is the Father of Rose, 1933)
    • Büyükanne (Grandmother, 1971)
    • Aydınlık Kapı (The Bright Gate, 1974)
    • Aşk ve Zafer (The Love and the Victory, 1978)
    • Bir Devrin Romanı (Novel of an Age, 2004).
  • Short stories
    • Beyaz Selvi (The White Cypress, 1945).
  • Letters
    • Hanım Mektupları (Lady Letters, 1923).
  • Autobiography
    • Benim Küçük Dostlarım (My Little Friends, 1977).


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