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Halik title card.jpg
Halik official title card
Also known asBetrayal[1]
Created byTanya Winona Bautista
Written by
  • Maribel Ilag
  • Chie Floresca
  • Raymund Barcelon
  • Jose Ruel L. Garcia
  • Edeline B. Romero
  • Arnold Galicia
Directed by
  • Carlo Po Artillaga
  • Cathy O. Camarillo
Opening theme"Halik" by Aegis
Composer(s)Celso Abenoja
Country of originPhilippines
Original language(s)
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes90 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Celeste Villanueva Lumasac
Producer(s)Mavic Holgado-Oducayen
  • Levi James Ligon
  • Lotis Alpajora
Running time30–35 minutes
Production company(s)RSB Unit
Original networkABS-CBN
Picture format480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original releaseAugust 13, 2018 (2018-08-13) – present (present)
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Halik (Lit: Kiss / English: Betrayal) is a 2018 Philippine drama television series starring Jericho Rosales, Yen Santos, Sam Milby and Yam Concepcion. The series premiered on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide via The Filipino Channel on August 13, 2018, replacing Since I Found You.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]


This fictional teleserye follows the lives of two childhood friends, Jacky Montefalco (Yen Santos) and Lino Bartolome (Jericho Rosales), bound together by friendship and family loyalties, torn apart by a vengeful man and then thrust together by a cruel twist of fate, broken promises and betrayal.

Jacky is the heiress of MonteCorp Furniture, a renowned furniture establishment in the Philippines and Asia. She is the only daughter of Mauro and Loida Montefalco (Precious Lara Quigaman), prominent members of high society in the country and owners of MonteCorp. Jacky learns early on that she is not the natural offspring of the man she thought was her father. Nevertheless, she longs for her adoptive father’s acceptance.

Mauro Montefalco (Romnick Sarmenta) is a wicked man who murders his wife’s lover, and raises her daughter as his legal child. This is as far as his benevolence goes as he is extremely cruel and dismissive to his daughter. Though he keeps up with the filial appearances to save his face, he dislikes Jacky and directs his anger on her and the Bartolome family and makes it his life’s goal to bring them down.

Agustin “Gustin” Bartolome (Allan Paule) is a talented furniture designer whose pieces under the Montefalco brand are sought after. It is through Gustin that Loida meets her lover, Robert Oliva. Loida is the suffering wife of the cruel and domineering Mauro. The couple fall in love. Loida attempts to leave her husband to join Robert but he is killed by Mauro. Jacky is the fruit of their relationship.

MonteCorp, originally Ybañez Furniture of Cebu, is a furniture export company founded by Loida’s parents. Their old family friend and furniture designer, Gustin Bartolome’s modern creations are gaining interest in the market. When Mauro takes over the reins of Ybañez Furniture after his in-laws retire, he keeps Gustin in his employ as their head designer.

Years later, rebranded as MonteCorp, the company expands into the international market, but despite their financial growth and success, Mauro continues to mistreat his furniture workers, refusing to give credit to his designers for their creations. Following a labor disagreement with his workers, Gustin Bartolome is killed in a suspicious warehouse fire. Mauro steals Gustin’s personal portfolio, a sketch book containing numerous drawings that have not yet been executed, all signed by the designer and dedicated to his family. Gustin loses his life while searching for his portfolio in the burning warehouse.

Agustin’s death leads to a bitter parting of ways between the close friendship of the Bartolomes and the Montefalcos.

Lino’s and Jacky’s relationship does not survive the turmoil between both families, and the childhood best friends and teenage sweethearts part ways.


Years pass and Agustin’s son, Lino establishes a furniture design group called Dos Disenyos. Lino’s modern, fast forward designs catch the attention of the younger market and he becomes a serious contender to MonteCorp’s market share. Lino is certain MonteCorp’s success comes from his father’s personal sketches but is not able to prove it because of the missing portfolio.

Before the tragic fire that took his father’s life, Lino spent many years watching his father sketch as he explained each design details and the inspiration behind them. It is this intimate knowledge of his father’s designs that Lino is able to recognize his father’s personal sketches among MonteCorp’s award winning pieces. He also suspects Mauro is responsible for his father’s death.

Lino falls in love with an ambitious woman, Jade Flores (Yam Concepcion), a hard working realtor, and the two are deeply in love. But while Lino’s business is on the brink of success, Jade agonizes over their slow economic progress and pines for loftier ambitions: her own house, improved wealth and higher status. Jade resents that Lino continues to support his widowed mother Dora, sister Maggie, and a large extended family with Uncle Ed, Auntie Fe and their four grandchildren, convinced they would be richer if he did not have to support them. This becomes a bone of contention between the couple. Jade’s discontent grows and she becomes easy prey to predators. She is date-raped and secretly video-taped by Mauro’s son in law, part of a premeditated plan for revenge.

Lino and Jacky’s lives collide once more when Jade’s and Ace’s scandalous affair is exposed.

As Jade succumbs to Ace’s skilled seduction and the optics of a “better” life she thinks he can give her, she easily dumps her loving, solid, stable and faithful husband, embarks on an affair and quickly asks Lino for an annulment.

She transforms from a troubled, confused wife into a vicious and calculating mistress overnight.

Jade’s conscience briefly struggles with her deception but her despicable character emerges and viewers witness a home wrecker, the cold-hearted daughter in law to Dora (Amy Austria) and callous ex-wife to Lino.

Jade’s “dream-come-true” whirlwind courtship by Ace, is brief when she realizes that she was duped by the most contemptuous individual: a date-rapist who drugged her to have sex, creates a sex video as revenge against Lino and then cons her to believe he still loves her, simply to serve his purpose. As gullible as she is, he wastes no time in dumping her.

Her comeuppance is a karmic series of tragic events for her: she loses her job, the condo she thought was hers, Ace drops her when he learns she is pregnant and moves on to a new relationship with Aliyah Torres, a mysterious and wealthy woman. Jade is conflicted with regret when she realizes her mistake, but she remains the opportunistic person that she truly is. Her materialistic ambition drives her. Sadly, unable to think clearly and caught in her own web of lies, she convinces herself of the possibility that Lino, now a wealthy and successful ex husband, is her only chance, and insists that the child she is carrying could be his.


Jacky is married to Ace Corpuz (Sam Milby), the eldest son of her father’s business partner. Jacky is very much in love with him, but she has caught him betraying her with other women. Ace is a serial womanizer who is glib enough to get away with his philandering.

When Jacky’s mother dies from what appears to be a self inflicted gunshot to her chest, Jacky refuses to believe it. In fact, it is revealed that Mauro did shoot Loida in a fit of rage, when Loida changes her suicide plans and instead tells Mauro that she is finally leaving him. Mauro bribes the Coroner to fake the autopsy results.

Days before her death, exhausted with the abuse inflicted on her by Mauro, Loida did plan to end her life so she decides to set things right: she returns Gustin’s missing portfolio to Lino and his family. And after years of advising her daughter to defer to her father, she gives Jacky permission to free herself from his cruelty and domineering will.

Loida’s death leaves Jacky with a larger stake in MonteCorp, a seat in the board and a significant say in the company. This empowers Jacky to resign from her father without compromising her ownership in the firm. It’s a liberating resource that Jacky uses to fight for what is right and protect her factory workers and employees from her father’s exploitation and unfair labor practices. But it isn’t easy. They consistently lock heads and Mauro has a more sinister agenda up his sleeve: the total downfall of the Bartolomes and Dos Disenyos, and the destruction of his adoptive daughter.

Lino and Jacky[edit]

At this point, both Jacky and Lino experience the heaviest cross in their respective marriages, the devastating discovery of their spouses’ affair, consequences reaching far beyond their circle of influence, affecting their business operations and extended families.

As Mauro escalates his revenge against Lino with underhanded tactics and industrial espionage, Jacky uses her clout to thwart her father’s plans. Devastated and heartbroken over Ace’s betrayal, she too fights back, throws Ace out of their home and files for an Annulment.

For the Bartolomes, Retributive justice is slow and arduous against the powerful hand of Mauro. And completely devastated over Jade’s betrayal, Lino struggles to overcome his feelings for her and focuses on his business operations and healing his family. Tensions rise when Lino decides to bring Jade back to his home, a temporary solution to her homeless state, and to protect her unborn child which she threatened to abort in her desperate state.

Dynamics in MonteCorp change when Mauro suffers a debilitating stroke leaving him in a comatose state, resulting into a power struggle in MonteCorp. Jacky, the rightful heir of the failing company, returns to care for her father. The Corpuzes have their own agenda for a take over, and Ace joins in the fray.

The story spans the ugly aftermath of the affair and the destruction of marriage. As more secrets and scandals are exposed, the two betrayed spouses join forces to bring Mauro and his accomplices to justice, reckon with their respective spouses and attempt to close the painful chapters of their past. It is not easy, their efforts are fraught with deception and complications. Mauro, Ace and the Corpuzes will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

The story and characters in this fictional teleserye offers a raw and honest slice of life, before and after the breakdown of two marriages. Their story is full of anguish, just as it is joyful and inspiring, sad and funny. It paints the strengths, weaknesses and viciousness of its characters: four individuals who carry baggages for their life choices.

Halik is a story of courageous and noble characters against the narcissists in their lives. Though it is painful to watch their marriages deteriorate as their spouses succumb to temptation and the elusive “real thing”, it is fulfilling when the wronged get justified and the betrayers get their retribution. Despite too many twists, there is a strong sense of satisfaction watching the teleserye as it unfolds throughout.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main cast and characters[edit]

  • Jericho Rosales as Catalino "Lino" Bartolome, Furniture designer and owner/principal of Dos Disenyos, Jade's ex-husband and Jacky's childhood friend and ex-boyfriend.
  • Yen Santos as Jacqueline "Jacky" Montefalco-Corpuz, former Chief Operating Officer or COO, major shareholder and board member of MonteCorp, Ace's ex-wife and Mauro Montefalco's stepdaughter; she is Lino's childhood friend and former girlfriend, and after resigning from MonteCorp, teams up with Dos Disenyos as its Project Manager.
  • Sam Milby as Ace Corpuz, Jacky's ex-husband, serial philanderer and former Director of Communications for MonteCorp. He seduces Jade to get back at Lino but strings her along to get back at his parents who disowns him. He is plotting to return to MonteCorp and tries to use Jacky to accept him back.
  • Yam Concepcion as Jade Flores-Bartolome, real estate agent, Lino's ambitious ex-wife. Unhappy with her economic situation, she falls for Ace's seduction and the allure of wealth, becomes his mistress. He drops her when he learns of her pregnancy leaving a desperate Jade out on her own.

Supporting cast and characters[edit]

  • Amy Austria[9] as Dolores "Dolor" Salvador-Bartolome, Gustin Bartolome's widow and Lino's mother, the glue that holds her family together. One powerful scene when Dolor confronts Jade like a lioness defending her cub, attacking the predator threatening to destroy her child speaks volume of the importance of her role as the moral compass of her family.
  • Romnick Sarmenta[9] as Mauro Montefalco, Jacky's legally adopted father and owner of MonteCorp.
  • Almira Muhlach [9] as Helen Matias-Corpuz, Ace's and Gio's mother and wife of Mauro's business partner
  • Cris Villanueva[9] as Rafael "Paeng" Corpuz, Mauro's business partner and right hand, Ace's and Gio's Father
  • Precious Lara Quigaman[9] as Loida Ybañez-Montefalco, heiress of Ybañez Furniture from Cebu, Mauro's wife and Jacky's mother
  • Bianca King as Aliyah Torres, Ace's new love interest, a mysterious character who wants to acquire MonteCorp to exact revenge against someone in its management and uses Ace to execute her agenda.
  • Hero Angeles[5] as Atty. Ken Velasco, Former Chief Legal Counsel for MonteCorp and Jacky’s best friend. He is interested in Barry
  • Christian Bables[9] as Barry Bartolome, Lino's business partner and Co-Owner/Co-Principal of Dos Disenyos
  • Jane de Leon as Margarita "Maggie" Bartolome, Lino's younger sister and Gio's employee and confidante/love interest at Snack Shack. She opposes Lino’s decision to provide Jade safe haven in their home while she waits out her pregnancy
  • Gab Lagman as Gio Corpuz, Ace's brother and principal owner of Gio's Snack Shack; Maggie's suitor
  • Chai Fonacier as Chari Ortiz, Ace's former executive communications assistant and Jacky's best friend
  • JC Alcantara as Bogs, one of Lino's trainee-interns at Dos Disenyos and secretly in love with Maggie

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Ria Atayde as Pinky "Baste" Sebastian, design technician at Dos Disenyos, Barry's cousin, and Mauro’s former spy. She turns against Mauro and vows to help Lino and Barry
  • Niña Dolino as Marissa Toledo, real estate broker and Jade's best friend
  • Karla Pambid as Tet, Jade's elder friend. She takes in Jade and Marissa when Marissa loses her condo, and alerts the Bartolomes on Jade’s condition
  • Tart Carlos as Tart, the Bartolome family's friend and gossipy neighbor
  • Crispin Pineda as Ed Bartolome, Lino's uncle
  • Daisy Cariño as Fe Bartolome, Ed's wife, she extremely dislikes Jade
  • David Chua as Vince, was once Ace's trusted friend, and Joel's business partner at Oblivion Club, a popular upscale watering hole frequented by Ace
  • Vivo Ouano as Joel, Oblivion Club owner and Ace's trusted friend, manager of the popular pub frequented by the upscale crowd
  • Ruben Gonzaga as Samson, one of Dos Disenyos’ skilled cabinet and furniture maker
  • Lowell Conales as Pancho, one of Dos Disenyos’ skilled cabinet and furniture maker
  • Miguel Vergara as Bonbon, Lino's nephew
  • Lei Andrei Navarro as Ronron, Lino's nephew
  • Uno Bibbo as Dos
  • Precious Miel Espinosa as Camille
  • Harvey Bautista as Choi

Guest cast[edit]

  • Jef Gaitan as Ivory, Jacky's former Executive Assistant at MonteCorp and one of Ace's mistresses
  • Luis Hontiveros as Eric, Jade's neighbor who attempts to assault her
  • Loren Burgos as Celine Ricafort, Jacky's high school socialite friend and John Ricafort's wife
  • Miko Raval as John Ricafort, hotelier and resort developer

Special participation[edit]

  • Allan Paule as Gustin Bartolome, Lino’s and Maggie’s father, Dora’s husband. He perishes in the warehouse fire set purposely by Mauro and Paeng to claim insurance payment. He was searching for his personal sketch book.
  • Sandino Martin as Gab Montefalco, Jacky's brother and youngest son of Loida and Mauro Montefalco who dies in a car accident early in the series
  • Art Acuña as Al Montefalco, Mauro’s older brother and furniture importer
  • Louise Abuel as young Lino
  • Veyda Inoval as young Jacky
  • Jairus Aquino as young Gab
  • Gretchen Fullido as Herself, television news anchor and host who interviews Lino about Dis Disenyos


Kantar Media National TV Ratings
(9:15PM PST)
Pilot Episode Finale Episode Peak Average
August 13, 2018[10]
November 8, 2018


The series was first announced on September 27, 2017 with the title Love Will Lead You Back.[11][12] However, it was changed to Ang Halik Mo and later announced that the final title of the series would be Halik.


In June 2018, announced that the series was set to premiere in June 25, 2018.[13] The series was pushed back to August 13, 2018, and a full trailer was released on July 19, 2018.[8]

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