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Halim Rane is an Australian academic and currently an associate professor at Griffith University.[1] He is among Australia's best university teachers having received in 2015 the Prime Minister's award of 'Australian University Teacher of the Year'.[2] Prior to joining Griffith University Rane worked for the Australian Government in the Department of Immigration.[3] He completed his PhD in international relations and Islamic studies in 2008.[4][5] Rane has a master's degree in media studies and a bachelor's degree in sociology and Islamic studies from the International Islamic University Malaysia.[6]

Rane's academic interests include Islam-West relations, political Islam, and the Israel-Palestine conflict.[1] His research includes work on the maqasid or higher objectives of Islam, which he has addressed in the context of jihad, human rights, and second generation Islamic political parties.[7] He is also engaged in research on Muslim communities in Australia.[8] Rane is the author of Islam and Contemporary Civilisation: Evolving Ideas, Transforming Relations[9] and Reconstructing Jihad amid Competing International Norms.[10] He is co-author of Sources of News and Current Affairs[11] and co-editor of Islam and the Australian News Media.[12]