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Virus classification
Group I (dsDNA)
Haliotid herpesvirus 1

Haliotivirus Savin et al., 2010

Aurivirus is a genus of viruses in the order Herpesvirales, and one of only two genera the family Malacoherpesviridae. Haliotid molluscs serve as natural hosts. There is only one species described in this genus, Haliotid herpesvirus 1 (AbHV-1), commonly known as abalone herpesvirus. A disease associated with this virus is acute ganglioneuritis.[1][2][3]


In 2005 there was an outbreak of acute ganglioneuritis in an Australian population of the edible gastropod mollusc, abalone or Haliotis spp. Potential herpesvirus particles had also been identified previously in Taiwan following mortalities in Haliotis diversicolor. Using transmission electron microscopy, herpes-like particles were observed in ganglia of affected abalone and purified virions from moribund abalone nervous tissues were identified as resembling those of herpesviruses.[1]

A diagnostic PCR test was developed to detect the virus in 2010. The test detected viral DNA sequences in diseased abalone from separate geographical locations in Australia and in DNA isolated from a herpes-like virus found previously in Taiwan. Savin et al. (2010) purified abalone virus particles and isolated and sequenced genomic DNA of Haliotid herpesvirus 1.[1]


Haliotid herpesvirus 1 is enveloped, with spherical to pleomorphic geometry, and T=16 symmetry. The diameter is around 150 nm. The genome is linear and non-segmented, around 212kb in length.[2]

Genus Structure Symmetry Capsid Genomic arrangement Genomic segmentation
Aurivirus Spherical pleomorphic T=16 Enveloped Linear Monopartite

Life cycle[edit]

Viral replication is nuclear. DNA-templated transcription is the method of transcription. Haliotid molluscs serve as the natural hosts,[2] including Haliotis diversicolor.[1]

Genus Host details Tissue tropism Entry details Release details Replication site Assembly site Transmission
Aurivirus Haliotidae molluscs B-lymphocytes Glycoprotiens Budding Nucleus Nucleus Sex; saliva


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