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Course Main course
Place of origin Circassia
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Beef, leek
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Haliva(Хьэлжъо) and Mataz (Мэтазэ), two of the prominent traditional Adyghe snacks

Haleva (Haliva) (Adyghe: хьэлжъо [ħalʐʷa], Hebrew: חלוז'‎‎) is a fried dough turnover filled with either potatoes or Circassian cheese.

  • Haliva stuffed with cottage cheese (Helive q'wey lhalhe delhu)
  • Haliva stuffed with potato (Helive ch'ert'of delhu)
  • Haliva stuffed with potato and cheese (Helive ch'ert'ofre q'weyre delhu)
  • Haliva stuffed with haricot beans (Heliva jesh delhu)
  • Haliva stuffed with pears (Helive q'wzch delhu)

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