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Village development committee
Halkhori is located in Nepal
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 26°40′N 85°46′E / 26.67°N 85.76°E / 26.67; 85.76Coordinates: 26°40′N 85°46′E / 26.67°N 85.76°E / 26.67; 85.76
Country    Nepal
Zone Janakpur Zone
District Mahottari District
Population (1991)
 • Total 4,471
Time zone Nepal Time (UTC+5:45)

Halkhori is a village development committee in Mahottari District in the Janakpur Zone of south-eastern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 4471 people living in 720 individual households.Halkhori has three villages named Halkhori,Bhangahiya and Chakwa


Chakwa is one of the atomic parts of this universe. It lies in Asia in the organization of SAARC. Among eight countries, Nepal is one. Janakpur zone and Mahottary district are its whereabouts. The headquarters of Mahottary is Jaleshower.

Chakwa is around 3-kilometers far from Jaleshowar Directly westward from Baba Jaleshowarnath. Chakwa lies in Halkhoiri VDC ward number- 8 and 9.Among 9 wards of Halkhori VDC –two wards 8 and 9 lie in Chakwa. From the viewpoint of ward, Chakwa can be divided into two parts-North Chakwa and South Chakwa. North Chakwa is ward 8 and South Chakwa is ward 9.

Bela lies in the East, Halkhori in West, Parsa lies in the Northern part and Southern part has Tharuwahi. It is 3 km far from Indian Border in the Northern part-a place called Lauwahi/Nauwahi.

It is 17 kilometers far from Janakpur in the North-west corner. In the same way, if we talk about this village from the view point of Indian known place called Sitamadhi, it is 37 kilometers far in South-east direction.

Chakwa is a small village. Its economical condition before 2030 BS was entirely miserable. As I knew from some elders like BINDESHOWRI MISHRA that the richest person of this village was the forefather of PITAMBAR YADAV around 4/5 hundred years ago. But after the fall of this family from economical point of view, this village again suffered from poverty except some richest persons like SUBADH ADHIKARI, MAUJE ADHIKARI, BALAM SAH and the family of “Goraiya Garga”, which means BALDEV SHUKLA’S family about whom i will talk in another section.

Talking about cultures, this village is rich from the viewpoint of culture. This village has more than Ten castes along with Hindu and Muslim, but these groups participate in each other’s festivals. Therefore, we can say that this village presents the best example of Unity in Diversity, or this type of example can be called “Religious Tolerance”.

History/Origin of Chakwa[edit]

No one knows about this village called “Chakwa” as to how it came into existence. It is supposed that about 10 hundred years ago, it was a forest. In the distant past, forest was the proper place for the saints, Yogis, and Moonies for the penance and meditation. So it is believed that in that time, some saints and yogis came in this place for meditation and started staying here. The saint who came here made a well for drinking water which became the source for residential area which is now known as “Chakwa”. The Well about which I am talking is known as “SAH’S WELL OR SATYANARAYAN’S WELL and it was till 2060s BS.

If you see the mythological history ,Nepal is/was called “TAPOBAN” and Chakwa which lies in Mithila kingdom is purified place not only for saints and Yogis, but also for all the people who are related by Hindu religion. So it is because of this reason, some saints or a saint might have come in this place and made a residential place which is now known as “Chakwa”. If we talk about the name called “Chakwa”, it is very difficult to point out who named this place as “Chakwa” How did the name come into existence? Who was the first person called this place as “Chakwa”? The answers of all these questions mentioned above are unknown. No one knows about it.

Now if I judge and utilize my creative and critical thinking for the origin of the name of this village, I think the name “Chakwa” might have come like these:

  1. “Chakwa” was a forest in the distant past and in that forest there might be the presence of the birds called “Chakwa”, “Chakhewa”, and “Chakrawak” in Maithili, Nepali and Sanskrit respectively. The people of that time might have seen the forest full of the birds called “Chakwa” and therefore this forest of “Chakwa-birds” became the source of the name of this village.
  1. This village history shows that “Chakwa” was a poor village in the past. This village might have formed after the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan by Mohammad Gori in around 1080s AD. After the defeat of Chauhan, the Hindu people because of Muslim’s activities started running out of India, and in this process people from India might have come to this village which is now called “Chakwa” which itself proves that the new comers were poor because they left all their properties in India

Some of the elders of our village say that whatever land we see in this village was of other villagers. The poor people of this village used to farm the land of other villagers. It was the “Chakla” of another villagers means this village’s “land-property” belongs to another villagers, and therefore it was “Chakla” for another nearing villagers. This “Chakla” as time changed turned into “Chakwa”. In this way, This “Chakla” might have turned into “Chakwa”.[1]


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