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Hollywood Walk of Fame, in Los Angeles, California, where honorees are named on plaques surrounded by stars
Walhalla hall-of-fame temple, Germany

A hall, wall, or walk of fame is a list of individuals, achievements, or animals, usually chosen by a group of electors, to mark their fame in their field. In some cases, these halls of fame consist of actual halls or museums that enshrine the honorees with sculptures, plaques, and displays of memorabilia and general information regarding the inducted recipients. Sometimes, the honorees' plaques may instead be posted on a wall (hence a "wall of fame") or inscribed on a sidewalk (as in a "walk of fame", "walk of stars", or "avenue of fame"). In other cases, the hall of fame is more figurative and consists of a list of names of noteworthy people and their achievements and contributions. The lists are maintained by an organization or community, and may be national, state, local, or private.

The term[edit]

The English-language term was popularised in the United States by the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, a sculpture gallery completed in 1900 and officially dedicated in 1901. Located in The Bronx in New York City, it is on the campus of Bronx Community College (until 1973 the University Heights campus of New York University). It was inspired by the Ruhmeshalle ("Hall of Fame") in Munich, Germany. The Walhalla memorial in Bavaria, Germany, is an earlier hall of fame, conceived in 1807 and built between 1830 and 1842.

The meaning of "fame" has changed over the years, originally meaning "renown" for achievement, as opposed to today's more common meaning of "celebrity".[1]

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Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, Massachusetts




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