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Halla Group is a South Korean chaebol. It was founded as Hyundai International Inc. in 1962.[1] The Halla name was first used in 1978 as the name of a cement company.[2] The name Halla is taken from the name of "Mount Halla" a.k.a. Hallasan mountain, situated in Jeju Island. Halla collapsed in 1997 during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.[3] In 2008 Halla repurchased Mando, a car company they sold during the financial crisis.[2] The chaebol also sponsors multiple hockey teams, mainly Anyang Halla in the Asia League Ice Hockey and Kiekko-Vantaa in the Finnish Mestis.

Halla Group engages in automobile, construction, distribution/port, investment, education, and sports businesses in Korea and internationally. Its construction business comprises the provision of civil, architectural, housing, plant, and environmental works; supply of construction materials, such as remicon, compounds, and pile concrete; and manufacture and distribution of remicon and aggregates.[4]


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