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LocationAurskog-Høland, Akershus
Coordinates59°46′33″N 11°43′33″E / 59.7758°N 11.7258°E / 59.7758; 11.7258Coordinates: 59°46′33″N 11°43′33″E / 59.7758°N 11.7258°E / 59.7758; 11.7258
Typenatural freshwater lake
Basin countriesNorway
Max. length3.46 kilometres (2.15 mi)
Max. width0.77 kilometres (0.48 mi)
Surface elevation191 m (627 ft)

Hallangen is a lake on rv 21 in Setskog, Aurskog-Høland, a municipality of Akershus. Hallangen lies at a height of 191 m above sea level. The lake is a remnant of the timber floating between Langebruslora and down to Gåsefjorden. From 2004, many new cabins have been built around Hallangen and eastwards. Flyktningeruta, which was a flight route during World War II passes through Hallangen. Flyktningeruta was marked in 1995.